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January Birthstones

Discover The World Of January Birthstones

Garnets are the Traditional and Modern birthstone for people born during the month of January. Rose Quartz as well as many other Red Gemstones are considered the Alternative birthstone by Gem Dealers, Jewelry Designers, and Jewelry Manufacturers.

Garnet derives from the Latin for grain or seed; "granatus", and it was so called due to the striking deep red of the gem being so very close to that found in the seeds of pomegranates. However, with a Mohs scale hardness of 6. 5 to 7. 5; biting down a Garnet will not be quite the same sensation as you get from the fruit's seed!  However, many are surprised that it can also be found in colors other than red; and some exquisite gems are available in greens, oranges, pinks and violets. These changes in color are caused by the mineral content within the gem; these are rarer still than the already elusive red Garnet.

There are a myriad of legends, myths and folklore that surround the Garnet; crossing many cultures and eras. In Biblical legend for example, it is suggested that Noah hung a Garnet on his Ark, in order he could light his way through the storms.  Possibly due to this, and other stories in lore, the gift of a Garnet is often given to speed home safely a loved one, who is undertaking a journey. Because of its deep red color, it is also highly symbolic of love and desire; and is often given to January born loved ones from their partner.  Records show that it has been mined for at least two and a half thousand years, though not always for its delicate nature; often being used as a tool such is its hardness. Garnets are found in many places across the globe including; Africa, India and the United States of America.

The other of the January birthstones is the beautiful Rose Quartz which, as the name suggests, ranges from a delicate pale pink, to types which deepen up to the hue of a red rose. The colors of the gem are caused by trace amounts of titanium and iron, and in some cases manganese.  Often, the quality of Rose Quartz is thought by many to make inadequate gems, and certainly can be cloudy. But there are exceptional pieces found and they are often carved into wonderful hearts; making for a great gift for loved ones. 

Despite not being widely popular, it is reputed to be one of the most powerful semi precious stones in the world. It is said to have many healing powers, with the ability to help bring calm, and balance emotions at times of stress, anxiety and even guilt.  Whilst Rose Quartz is found across the world, from Asia to Europe and on to Northern America; it is mostly mined in Brazil these days. Brazil has also long been the producer of the finest examples, and, in the right setting, can make a wonderful alternative when looking for January birthstones.

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    14K Gold-filled Garnet Chain Maille Necklace
  2. Amethyst Rose Quartz Beaded Gemstone Necklace
  3. 14K Gold-filled Garnet Chainmail Bracelet

    14K Gold-filled Garnet Chainmail Bracelet


    Dazzling, unique, and contemporary Learn More »
  4. Garnet 14K Gold Chain Maille Earrings
  5. Faceted Garnets and Citrine Flower Necklace
  6. Garnet Wire Wrapped Aluminum Geometric Earrings - Large
  7. 14K Gold-filled Garnet Earrings - Cabochon Cut
  8. Rose Quartz Wire Wrapped Sterling Silver Earrings
  9. Hammered Fine Silver Necklace with Garnets - Freshwater Pearls
  10. Chased Copper Earrings with Garnets

    Chased Copper Earrings with Garnets


    Subtle sophistication is clearly alive and well with these chased Copper Earrings Learn More »

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