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March Birthstones

March Birthstones - The Blue Aquamarine And The Green Bloodstone

Aquamarine is the Modern birthstone for people born during the month of March, with Bloodstone the Traditional birthstone.  Rock Crystal, Jade, and Amethyst as well as many other Pale Blue Gemstones are considered the Alternative birthstones by Gem Dealers, Jewelry Designers, and Jewelry Manufacturers. In ancient Rome, Aqua means water and the Aqumarine is the color of a beautiful blue ocean. Those that have March birthdays should count themselves lucky because many people love March Birthstones.

Romans linked this stone to the god of the sea, Neptune and say that the stone fell from the jewelry boxes of the sirens and washed ashore. Sailors kept talismans made of Aquamarine that were carved into statues of Neptune so they would be protected against any storms and other dangers on the ocean.  Aquamarine is said to have interesting powers when it is immersed in water. The water is supposed to heal heart, stomach, and liver ailments as well as problems with the mouth and throat. They were also reported to make a poisoned person better and was also helpful when someone was telling a fortune.

Aquamarine as a gift is said to symbolize safety and security within a relationship. Give an Aquamarine to your spouse after being married for a long time to rekindle passion.  The mineral Beryl, of which Aquamarine is a member, crystallizes within igneous rocks found on the crust of the earth. The color of Aquamarine can vary from almost clear to dark blue to green. Beryl is used in making eyeglasses. Aquamarine used in jewelry can range from a very light sky blue to a bluish green color. It is found mostly in Brazil but China, Australia, Africa, India and China have been known to mine the stone.

March has secondary birthstone and that is Bloodstone. Bloodstone is a quartz that is dark green flecked with red spots. Legend has it that the spots are a result from the crucifixion when Christ's blood splattered onto green jasper. It is also called the Martyrs stone.  Bloodstone is frequently carved into beautiful cameos and it can also be found in beads. It is a symbol of courage. The carving called The Descent from the Cross done by Matteo del Nassaro in 1525 was made of Bloodstone and the red spots where situated to correspond with the wounds of Christ.

Bloodstone is mined in India, Uruguay, Brazil, Australia and the United States. It is a form of quartz and is made of masses of small crystals that form together in a lump. Bloodstone is thought of having powers just like most other stones. It was used to make amulets by the Babylonians and Roman gladiators were fond of it. People of the Middle Ages thought it had the power to stop nosebleeds. It was ground to a powder and honey and egg white was added. This concoction was used to cure tumors and stop any bleeding or hemorrhage. It was used to help blood poisoning or stopping any kind of bleeding. It was also used to draw out the venom of a snake.

Both Aquamarine and Bloodstone can be placed in rings, broaches, pendants, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. They make great gifts for anyone born in the month of March or for anyone that loves the color blue.

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