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October Birthstones

Opal and Pink Tourmaline are the Modern birthstones for people born during the month of October, with Jasper as the Traditional birthstone.  Pink Sapphire, Morganite, and Pink Emerald, as well as many other Pink Gemstones are considered the Alternative birthstones by Gem Dealers, Jewelry Designers, and Jewelry Manufacturers.

Throughout the Roman Empire, the Opal was referred to as the, "King of Gems". In many ways, this is perfectly reasonable; as it is such a devastatingly attractive stone. That it is said to hold all the colors of the world within too, shows just how it was so highly regarded.  There are numerous stories and folklore which surround the shimmering Opal, and in Australian aboriginal history, the story is legendary. According to tradition; the creator of Earth descended from the heavens in a Rainbow to preach peace. As the story continues, it is said that at the place where he arrived, the pebbles turned to Opal.

Available in a variety of colors; the most often sought are White and Black Opals; but it is the shimmering interplay of colors that swirl and shine within them that the beauty is truly found. Such is the attraction; the term "opalescence" is derived from the gem itself.

Said to be representative of innocence, hope and purity; it has long been given as a wonderful gift to loved ones. As such, it makes for a well thought and wonderfully conceived gift for those born in the month of October. As far back as the Middle Ages too, it was worn by fair maidens to protect their chastity.  In medication too it has long been used; being cited as curative for depression, stress and anxiety. It is also thought that it can help its wearer find their one true love; and is thus often exchanged between lovers. Also thought to be able to banish evil spirits, and cure mental disease; it is an oft extolled symbol of good.

The Sapphire is a hardy gemstone; and respected throughout mankind and numerous cultures as being one of the finest presents the world offers up. Whilst Sapphires come in many colors; it is widely thought to be blue in nature. However, it is the delicate shaded Pink Sapphire that is a member of the October birthstones.  Though the gem itself is closely linked to its blue cousin; it is very much treated as a standalone gem. The marked difference is in the levels of chromium that make up its nature. More affordable too; it can be set into wonderful jewelry items.

Said to represent passion, playfulness and joy; it is no wonder it too is often exchanged between lovers. It is also said to provide strength, moral guidance and afford forgiveness in times of worry to its wearer. With so many benefits and qualities it makes for a wonderful alternative to Opal when looking at October birthstones.

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