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Capricorn Birthstones

Garnet: The Capricorn Birthstone

Astrology is an ancient science which unfolds the truth of human life and can make it a little better with its tools and knowledge. The major tool that is used in astrology is the stones where each stone has a special significance in the human life. According to the zodiac astrology there are specific birthstones for each of the zodiac sign which are based on the time period within which the person is born. A person whose birth date falls in between December 22 to January 20 is a Capricorn by birth. According to the same science garnet is the Capricorn Birthstones though there are other stones that can have positive impact on the person.

According to the Vedic astrology, which is the most trusted one, a birthstone is associated with luck and good health. If you wear the birthstone specified for you then there would be positive impact on your life. Each of the stones has a special meaning. The characteristics and impact is different for different stones and that is why they are special for each zodiac sign.

The Impact Of Garnet

In case you are a Capricorn your birthstone garnet talks about your personality. It is a crystalline stone generally in red and the stone reflects purity, faithfulness, truth and friendship. It is also related to awareness, regeneration, commitment and removal of negativity. The red color stone is also good for your health and they specially impact on blood, heart, lungs for their betterment and save them from infection. The stone also boost the sexuality of a person. All and all this is a pure gain stone which completely supports your life.

Garnet Background Information

As far as the background of the stone is concerned red color is always considered as lucky and this is a color which is associated to bravery and beauty both. If you can have a glance of the jewelry worn by kings and queens in ancient times you will notice that this is one color which was always used in the jewelry and in many cases the stones were garnet. There are other colors also related to garnet such as purple, orange, green, yellow, black and brown. Each of them has its own significance. The names are also different such as Andradite, Ugrandite, Rhodolite, Spessartite, Almandite and Pyrope

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    14K Gold-filled Garnet Chain Maille Necklace
  2. 14K Gold-filled Garnet Chainmail Bracelet

    14K Gold-filled Garnet Chainmail Bracelet


    Dazzling, unique, and contemporary Learn More »
  3. Garnet 14K Gold Chain Maille Earrings
  4. Faceted Garnets and Citrine Flower Necklace
  5. Garnet Wire Wrapped Aluminum Geometric Earrings - Large
  6. 14K Gold-filled Garnet Earrings - Cabochon Cut
  7. Hammered Fine Silver Necklace with Garnets - Freshwater Pearls
  8. Chased Copper Earrings with Garnets

    Chased Copper Earrings with Garnets


    Subtle sophistication is clearly alive and well with these chased Copper Earrings Learn More »
  9. Hammered Fine Silver Earrings with Garnets - Freshwater Pearls
  10. 14K Gold Hammered Earrings with Garnets

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