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FFJournal Features Jewelry Designer John S Brana

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Jewelry Designer John S. Brana Now Featured in FFJournal

A new feature article for the month of October covering John S. Brana’s jewelry line is now available via the FFJournal website. Entitled “Copper Couture”, writer Gretchen Salois interviews Brana to discover the many fine details and extensive process that is involved with designing and creating each unique piece of handcrafted jewelry. Although the title of the article sheds focus mainly to Brana’s handcrafted copper work, the designer is also known for featuring bronze, gold, silver, stainless steel, aluminum, and anodized aluminum within his designs. However, Brana also notes that because he works with malleable metals, the unique and stunning appearance of his jewelry does not reveal itself without a combination of his creativity, skill, and hard work.

FFJournal Copper Couture - Metal Forming - Copper Couture by jewelry designer John S Brana

FFJournal Copper Couture – Metal Forming – Copper Couture – John S Brana











The article provides readers with insight into how Brana constructs some of his most detailed and simple designs, revealing some of his choice tools used in the production of the beautiful pieces of jewelry that are displayed on his website. Items such as hammers, acetylene torches, rolling mills, band saws, and oxy-propane torches are just some of the tools that Brana uses on a regular basis to create his handcrafted artistic accessories.  “If I’m making a pair of corrugated earrings and want more dimension to them, I put them in the press. The object is placed on top of the contained urethane, which sits on the lower plan, while the forming stake is held by the upper platen. Using contained urethane allows me to have greater control forming a concave leaf without flatting the corrugation. You couldn’t achieve the same results using a traditional dapping block, punch and hammer.” says Brana.

The feature article for October is a unique transition from the typical topics that the publication usually covers. Well-known for being one of the top magazines covering the latest information on metal fabricating and forming technologies, FFJournal provides its readers with timely updates about what’s happening in the industry, as well as any upcoming news regarding new innovations in metal fabricating technology.

Founded in 2003, John S Brana’s collection of remarkable and beautifully enigmatic designer jewelry has been featured and showcased by a variety of publications, including InDesign Magazine, NBC Bay Area, and Oryx Magazine. Brana’s designs have also caught the attention of celebrities, such as singer Natasha Bedingfield and supermodel Janice Dickinson. Brana creates a vast amount of fine jewelry, offering one-of-a-kind pieces and styles for both men and women. To view Brana’s beautiful handcrafted fine jewelry, visit http://www.johnsbrana.com/.



FFJournal Features Jewelry Designer John S Brana, 8.7 out of 10 based on 35 ratings

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