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Lepidochrosite Bronze Ring

5 Unique Gemstones You Need to Discover

… century when it was isolated from a metallic ore mined from the Czech republic. The gem is a mix of iron oxide and hydroxide and occurs in an Array of tones. We are most inspired by the lavender varieties of lepidocrosite, which are found in pieces like our Lepidochrosite Bronze Ring and our Lepidochrosite Sterling Silver Pendant. The color of the gemstone is so unusual that you can be sure people will ask you about it whenever you wear a lepidocrosite piece. Prehnite – With its minty …

Peach Moonstone Bronze Ring - June Birthstones

June Birthstone Jewelry

… by the mollusk, creating a beautiful pearl. Pearls can occur spontaneously through nature or can be man-made. When created through human intercession, they are known as cultured pearls. Natural pearls possess a delicate luster that places them amongst the most valued type of gemstone. The color primarily depends on the species of mollusk that produces it, as well as its environment. Pearls come in a wide Array of shades, including gray, cream, black, yellow, blue, green, lavender, and mauve. …

Pearl Jewelry – Wear Nature’s Stunning Beauty

… pearl jewelry are found in John S. Brana’s Sea Cliff collection where it is used for subtle appearance enhancements or to make much bolder statements. Freshwater and Saltwater Pearls There are two types of pearls, saltwater and freshwater. Jewelers, such as John S. Brana, use the freshwater variety which comes in a greater number of shapes and sizes. One of the most appealing types is the Keishi pearl which comes in a fantastic Array of irregular, but natural-looking shapes. These gems add a …