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Lepidochrosite Bronze Ring

5 Unique Gemstones You Need to Discover

… world’s opals, but the Down Under nation wasn’t always considered the leader in opal mining. African opals were once highly prized, and today, the legendary African Queen is still a beautiful choice for jewelry designs. African opals come in a variety of Colors, and you can see some of their beautiful details in pieces like our Copper Tree Branch Ring with African Opal and our African Opal Necklace. Apatite – Apatite is a semiprecious gemstone that comes in a variety of …

Chased Nu Gold Anticlastic Bangle Bracelet by John S Brana Handmade Jewelry

Top 7 Fall 2014 Jewelry Looks for Seductive Sparkle and Shine

… Sterling Silver Cuff Careful folds in the Corrugated Sterling Silver Cuff make this piece very sleek. The ribs also cast shadows along the design, which makes the shiny regions of the bracelet even more eye catching. 5. 18.5 ct Cushion Cut Mystic Quartz Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring A magnificent 18.5-carat mystic quartz gemstone makes the 18.5 ct Cushion Cut Mystic Quartz Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring a very sparkly piece. The incredible play of purple, pink and blue Colors that you’ll …

Hand-Hammered Aluminum Scarf Ring

Choosing and Using a Scarf Ring

… keep a scarf in place without any need to knot or tie it. The scarf ring adds a decorative element to the scarf, making it something like a cloth pendant necklace with a metal embellishment. There are many different styles of scarf rings, but the easiest type to use is a simple circle with a central opening and a bar running along its back. Things to Consider When Choosing a Scarf Ring 1. Color – What Colors are the scarves in your accessories collection? Will they be better complemented …

Amethyst Rose Quartz Necklace

Fall Jewelry Trends for 2014

… Each season, there is a standout color that stimulates jewelry and fashion trends. For the fall season, purple is that color. Be prepared to stock up on everything purple, from lilac pearls to royal purple pendants. Try amethyst, sapphire, tanzanite, spinel, and mother of pearl – all which can be found in a purple hue. Purple looks best when paired with gold instead of silver. Copper will also work. Nature-Inspired Jewelry This jewelry trend for fall is all about earthy Colors and muted …

Peridot Wire Wrapped Sterling Silver Scroll Earrings

Peridot – August’s Birthstone

… originates from the Arabic term “faridat”, meaning gem. It was believed that the Peridot continued to glow with light even as the darkness fell. This may be the reason that the Peridot is often referred to as the “evening emerald”. Learn about August’s birthstone – the Peridot. Color of the Peridot Peridots are green in color, although their green shade can slightly vary depending on the iron content of the gem. The meaning of the Colors is often represented in various aspects of …

Texturized Nu Gold Anticlastic Bangle Bracelet

Nu-Gold Jewelry – An Economical Alternative to Karat Gold Jewelry

… excellent for hammering and soldering applications. These factors make it a favorable choice for jewelry designers. Color and Design Much like real gold, Nu-gold has a rich, luxurious warm color that only enhances the design element. When polished, the red hue can become even more noticeable. Over time, the color of Nu-gold can darken, resulting in a beautiful blend of Colors, often referred to as “Chameleon Metal”. Along with the darker gold color, Nu-gold also features splashes of forest …

Fold Formed Aluminum Hoop Earrings

5 Best Dangling Earrings to Pair with Jeans

Just because it’s the weekend, doesn’t mean you can’t look a little dressy. Dangling earrings can add style to even a simple pair of jeans. Dangling earrings are one of the trendiest types of earrings at the moment, found in a wide assortment of styles, colors, and designs.

Amber Citrine Crystal Quartz Beaded Gemstone Necklace

Amber Citrine Crystal Quartz Beaded Gemstone Necklace

… sparkling shine. Nature is already a work of art, so using it as an inspiration to create alluring jewelry is an easy trend to get behind. Celebrating the rich Colors and textures of the forest, Handmade Jewelry by John S. Brana brings you this amazing hand crafted necklace. Citrine, the most common color of quartz, is best known in the world of crystals and alternative medicine as a gem containing the solar energy of the sun, and many believe it has special healing qualities. Amber is known for …

Texturized Nu Gold Anticlastic Bangle Bracelet

Texturized Nu Gold Anticlastic Bangle Bracelet

… jewelry. This piece can easily go from day wear to evening wear with a quick outfit change! The color of this metal compliments many Colors, wear with just about any outfit you want! Get the look of gold without the huge price tag! High on class, low on fuss. Nu Gold is easy to keep clean and polished! Each piece is specially coated to prevent tarnish and very easy to clean and polish. Nu Gold would work great as a 21st wedding anniversary gift, and hey, we’ll even mail your bracelet in a gift …