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Hoop Earrings

Hoops are the epitome of classic earrings, adding modern glam to anything you wear instantly. There are many more styles than the traditional ‘80s new-wave glam hoops. Modern hoops include those made of copper, silver, and 14K gold, as well as those designed with vibrant gemstones. Above all, hoops are all about attitude, representing sophistication and glamour all in one compact accessory. Hoop earrings can make a face appear slimmer, and adds instant drama to your look. These chic pieces of jewelry are not just limited to round hoops, as modern styles incorporate oval, square, octagon, and tiered styles of hoops. Shop our selection of chic handcrafted hoop earrings and find a pair that will best reflect your personal style and complement any ensemble you wear.


How to Choose the Right Hoop Earrings


Hoop earrings are a jewelry look that really never goes out of fashion, so if you're looking to add some base pieces to a fine jewelry collection, hoops are always a great choice. Hoop earrings also make great gifts because they are so timeless and universally appealing. We have many handmade hoop earrings available, but not to worry--by answering six questions, you can choose the perfect style in no time.


1. Dangle or Stud? Start by deciding whether you want hoops that will rest against your earlobe or hang down below them. You may find one style more comfortable than the other. You might also want to consider the amount of movement of each style. Studs are stationary, while dangles will move with your movements. This captures more attention but can be distracting if you're looking for something for professional dress.

2. Circular or Not? Most hoop earrings are round, but we do have a few other styles available, including hoops made with octagons and tear drops.

3. Chandelier or Single? Next, you need to decide whether you prefer a single hoop or a chandelier style that combines multiple hoops or a single hoop with embellishments.

4. Large or Small? We have hoop earrings in many different diameters and lengths. Remember that the larger the earrings are, the flashier they will be. Larger earrings are also heavier.

5. Warm or Cool? You can find warm and cool-toned hoops in our fine jewelry collection. Warm options include Nu Gold, 14-karat gold and copper, while our cool options are made out of fine silver and aluminum.

6. Color or No? Do you want your hoops to add some color to your ensembles? If so, pick a style with gemstones added to its design. Otherwise, select one of our plain metal designs.

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