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April Birthstones

April Birthstones: Great Gifts From Handmade Jewelry John S. Brana

Searching for the perfect gift is a great challenge for most people. Although, you might just be surprised to know that it can be as easy if you have the proper options at hand. If you are trying to find a special gift for your loved ones or friends who are born in the month of April then April birthstones is the perfect gift for them. The traditional birthstone for this month is diamond. A beautiful diamond lasts forever and has little flaws in them.  Giving these birthstones as a gift can definitely make anyone feel very special on this important occasion in their lives.

Symbolism Of April Birthstones
Diamond is both the traditional and modern birth stone for people born in April. Aside from this precious gem, White or Colorless Gemstones are also great birthstone alternatives for this month. A clear or white gemstone signifies innocence and purity.
Where To Find Jewelry With April Birthstones? has great jewelry collections for any kind of occasion. You can find the right kind of jewelry infused with April birthstones in this wonderful website. These handmade jewelries are made to entice the hearts of people around the world. Here are some of the beautiful jewelries that you can get for your loved ones born in the month of April
Abalone and Clear Quartz Necklace
This beautiful necklace will surely bring out the glow for anyone who wears them. Clear quartz is a great crystal that amplifies energy in a person. Abalone on the other hands promotes calmness and soothes emotional problems. It is a wonderful jewelry to wear on important meetings and parties. Your special someone will have confidence with this stunning piece.
Crystal Quartz Amber Onyx Bracelet
The infusion of crystal quartz with amber and onyx will bring a wonderful feel for people born in the month of April. This great combination of April birthstones are created in a handmade 14k gold filled chain maille bracelet. The smooth quartz infused with the glow of amber and onyx will surely catch the eye of that special someone. They will definitely feel the warmth and joy of the sun with this beautiful bracelet.
Snow Quartz Silver Earrings
Bring out the youthful glow in a person with a pair of beautiful snow quartz silver earrings at A beautiful arrangement of alternative April birthstones on sterling silver is the perfect accent for the best outfit.
Custom Jewelry With Diamonds
If you plan to stick to the traditional April birthstones then diamonds are your choice. You can have a custom jewelry made by John S. Brana infused with beautiful diamonds. You can simply get in touch with this amazing artist to get a quotation on the jewelry piece that you have in mind. The options are limitless. You can have a special gift that will surely glow with elegance, sophistication and beauty.

These are just some of the wonderful gift items that are available at You can browse through the wonderful handmade jewelries and choose the best jewelry with April birthstones. Shopping for gifts can be made easy with these wonderful options.

If you are interested in custom jewelry set with Diamonds, please Contact Me to request an estimate.

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