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Aquarius Birthstones

Discover The World Of Aquarius Birthstones

There are twelve Zodiac signs that are used to define personalities and relationships based on astrological calculations. Aquarius is one of the Zodiac signs which represents people born in the interim period of January 21 to February 19. This Zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Uranus which influences the gemstone Amethyst. The Aquarius birthstone, Amethyst, is supposed to enhance the personality traits of those born in this Zodiac sign.
 Aquarius Birthstones influence characteristics
The personality of an Aquarian is believed to be influenced by wearing their bithstones. The marked positive personality traits of people born under this Zodiac sign are they are fiercely independent, very entertaining, progressive in thoughts and deeds besides being extremely creative. The negative traits may include eccentricity, impracticality, rebellious and lack of focus in concentration.
Amethysts, the Aquarius birthones, are believed to enhance the energies of the ruling planet Uranus. So, wearing these stones will have the positive effect of the planet which will shine through the gem and influence the characteristics. Other birthstones assigned to this Zodiac are Garnet and Jasper.
Properties of Amethyst
Amethyst is supposed to have various properties, healing and otherwise. People wear these gemstones in order to assimmilate these properties and create positive influence in their lives. The Aquarius birthstone is associated with some typical properties. They are-
- Brings stability to the erratic behavior of Aquarians giving them peace and harmony
- Pacifies the impatient disposition while calming the inner self and bringing peace
- Brings focus and increases concentration
Besides the typical properties, Amethysts have been associated with healing properties since time immemorial. These are-
- Known as the 'sobriety stone' this gemstone was believed to prevent alcoholism and treat it too. In fact this stone is still used for dealing with any kind of withdrawal symptoms
- Amethysts are known to cure headaches, arthritis, insomnia and diseases related to the ciculatory system
Amethyst jewelry - A perfect gift for an Aquarian
If you are an Aquarian then wearing an Amethyst will help to enhance your Zodiac's positive qualities. This will also help to alleviate the negative characteristics associated with your birthsign. Gifting birthstone jewelry is perfect for any ocassion. Amethyst jewelry can be given to a child, a wife, a mother or any Aquarian. There are many kinds of jewelry available with these birthstones set beautifully in them. One can opt for Aquarius birthstones set in rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and pendants.
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