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Cancer Birthstones

Cancer Birthstones: June 22 - July 22 - The Crab

Cancer Birthstones include two of the loveliest gems to wear! For those born in June, the Pearl is the official birth stone although tradition really dictates anything "white" which could even mean diamonds. July Cancerians have the Ruby to enjoy.

Birthstone jewelry is one of the popular gifts for all occasions. Pearls and rubies both come in a variety of qualities, sizes and of course price ranges. For anyone on a strict budget, there are many gorgeous faux pieces available and only a trained jeweler's eye could tell the difference.  Even though an entire string of cultured Pearls can run into the thousands of dollars, someone who is giving a gift based on the birthstone wouldn't usually give a strand of Pearls; more than likely they would give a gift that contains one of the gems set in a ring or a teardrop style necklace.

Almost everyone loves Pearls simply because they are classic, classy and timeless. A Pearl necklace goes with anything from a wedding gown to a casual sweater set. Same with a Pearl bracelet; wear it with jeans or formal gowns and you'll always be in style.

Rubies have been a favorite for eons and eons. Rubies can be found in many shades of red ranging from almost pale pink to deep colors that resemble shades of burgundy. Having a piece of jewelry made with nothing but rubies of different shades can be quite beautiful indeed.  Like Pearls, Rubies are soft and can be easily damaged. They scratch easily and any sharp bevels can be chipped and worn down if not properly cared for. Harsh ammonia based cleaners should never be used.

Pearls actually look better with age. As they wear, their true luminosity comes through and only a real Pearl benefits from this aging process. Faux Pearls will look the same in ten years as they did the day you brought them home.

A ring with a cultured Pearl needs special care. A Pearl can shatter like ice. Tap it at the right place at the wrong time and it will burst into a hundred shards. If you do want to have a ring with cultured Pearls, try to find one where the Pearls are "in set" or, rather, not sticking out awkwardly or standing on top of a dainty band where they can be bumped against something. If you are interested in custom jewelry set with Rubies, please Contact Me to request an estimate.

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