Tying Copper Jewelry To Bombshell Fashion

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Bombshell Fashion – Accenting with Copper Jewelry

The bombshell fashion trend is all about sexiness and femininity. It is about showing off and accentuating that curvy figure. Body hugging corsets tops, lace, ruffles, high heels, dresses with a plunging neckline and high slits are the highlight of this style. Tailored and conservative dresses have no place in this genre. Bombshell fashion celebrates womanhood. It’s glamorous and raw. It consists of bright solid colors dresses that bring the attention to the body. Prints and busy patterned dresses will divert the attention away from it, so they are a no no.

When it comes to accessorizing, forget minimalism. It’s all about getting that sultry look. Note though, when wrongly done, a bombshell look can easily seem trashy. Think Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. For the perfect bombshell look, it is important to add a classic touch to a modern piece.  Bold copper jewelry adds that edge to an outfit. Its high glossy finish will bring the attention to the curves of your body. With the perfect copper jewelry, any bombshell will be able to get people fawning over her beauty.

Here are three copper jewelry pieces that every bombshell would adore:

Hammered Copper Tear Drop Earrings

Hammered Copper Tear Drop Earrings
Hammered Copper Tear Drop Earrings

These hammered copper earrings do a great job with showcasing above-the-bust area. It highlights the curves of the sides of the neck and makes the jaw line slightly angular. Along with that, they also give the face a slightly rounder and youthful look. When paired with a red lipstick, the effect can be deadly (in a good way off course). Add some tousled curls or waves to your hair to create a diva like beauty.

Brazilian Fire Agate Fold Formed Copper Bangle Bracelet

Fold Formed Brazilian Fire Agate Copper Bangle
Fold Formed Brazilian Fire Agate Copper Bangle

The beauty of this bracelet is simply breathtaking. Its chunky size adds drama to the outfit. To create the perfect bombshell look, pair this up with a strappy satin dress with a thigh high slit. Make sure that the dress is flowy and that it has a deep V neck.  Keep your other accessories simple and put your hair into a sleek bun. Play up your eyes with fake eyelashes, and add some earthy toned shimmer to it. Contour with a bronzer to make your cheek bone look more chiseled. As for lips, keep it nude. It’s all about your eyes, and the beautiful curves of the body. Add a nude pump to create an illusion of sexy long and lean legs.

Hammered Copper Disc Earrings

Hammered Copper Disc Earrings
Hammered Copper Disc Earrings

These gorgeous studs when paired with the right outfit can provide that Marilyn Monroe sex appeal. Wear them with a hot red corset dress, and to create that retro sultry feel add a pin up hairstyle; finger waves would look stunning as well. As for the make-up, go for a brown Smokey eye. Don’t forget the red lipstick. Wear open toed nude pumps to give an illusion of longer legs.

Remember that for a bombshell look, attitude is just as important as accessories. So stand tall with grace and confidence because with the copper jewelry accessories above, you better be ready for lots of attention and compliments!

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