Anticlastic Earrings

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Copper Anticlastic Earrings by San Francisco Jewelry Designer John S. Brana
Copper Anticlastic Earrings by San Francisco Jewelry Designer John S. Brana

Sensual Anticlastic Earrings

There is something very sensual about the anticlastic pattern, with its different curves coming together fluidly to create a soft, highly natural design. For this reason, jewelers around the world have chosen to create a myriad of masterpieces using this eye-pleasing, elegant form. Anticlastic earrings are one of the more popular products available, as their curved shape matches with a variety of colors, outfits and occasions. These versatile pieces can be made out of a number of materials as well, meaning that it is simple to shop for an item or two which matches with your collection.

Origins of Anticlastic Design

The beauty of these pieces of jewelry comes from the way in which two different types of curves are so elegantly molded together into the one stunning masterpiece. The term anticlastic actually originates from mathematics in which a curved surface is shaped to become like the saddle on a horse. Of course, the smooth, flowing form of this design ensures that anticlastic earrings will not only look natural but also very feminine as well. With no sharp points or angles, these pieces are an attractive, casual addition that will brighten up any outfit regardless of the occasion.

Designs of Anticlastic Earrings

Because of the smooth surfaces that an anticlastic design requires, jewelry of this form has to be created out of metal soft enough to withstand the molding process. Silver and gold are, of course, the more traditional choices when it comes to making these fine pieces of jewelry, though jewelers around the world are looking to other materials as well. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to find aluminum or copper anticlastic earrings for sale both online and in local jewelry stores. This means that there is currently a diverse range of items out there which are suitable for all types of tastes and personalities.

Fine Silver Anticlastic Shell Earrings by San Francisco Jewelry Designer John S Brana
Fine Silver Anticlastic Shell Earrings by San Francisco Jewelry Designer John S Brana

How Anticlasitc Earrings Are Made

Actually creating these elegant designs requires a deft hand and some skill with a range of jeweler’s tools, such as hammers, pliers and sinusoidal stakes. This is because the design has to be flawless with smooth curves and an overall shape that reminds us of a glamorous lady or the soft surface of a rippling pond. The creativity of the artisan also plays a part in how the final product turns out, and the range of anticlastic earrings that are found in stores around the world are a true testament to the ingenuity and imagination displayed by our planet’s best craftsmen.


These types of earrings actually go well with both casual and formal attire, making them the perfect addition to your own jewelry collection or someone else’s. Those searching for a classy, yet versatile item to add to their wardrobe will find exactly what they need by shopping for anticlastic earrings. Suitable to be worn to the office, nightclub or café, these stylish pieces certainly combine elegance, style and versatility into the one simple form. Thanks to the creativity and skill of some of the world’s top jewelers, the general public can now enjoy the beauty and grace of these accessories at any time.

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