Styles of Bangle Bracelets – Trends in Handmade Jewelry

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Bangle Bracelets – The Perfect Accessory

Some things never go out of style, and bangle bracelets are one of those trends. Over time, bangle bracelet styles have only become more creative. With such a variety of textures, styles, sizes, and colors, a bangle bracelet can add flair to any ensemble. Unlike flexible bracelets, bangle bracelets are shaped in a solid form. The term “bangle” is derived from Hindi bungri, originally associated with glass. Bangle bracelets can be made from a variety of precious materials and metals, including gold, silver, and copper. Bangle bracelets can be worn on their own or in combination with other bracelets. One of the most popular current trends is sporting various bangles of different sizes, thicknesses, and textures. Learn more about the styles of handcrafted bangle bracelets.

Chased Nu Gold Bangle Bracelet - Stackable Bangles
Chased Nu Gold Stackable Bangle Bracelet

Stackable Bangles:

Stackable bangles consist of multiple bracelets that are worn together on one wrist. Bangles of various sizes, metals, and patterns can be worn stacked upon one another for a highly unique look. If you prefer the look of a single bangle bracelet, wear one on either wrist to add a hint of shine and luster to any ensemble. Try a thin copper bangle bracelet with a sundress or a thick gold bangle bracelet with skinny jeans.

Sterling Silver Filigree Cuff Bangle Bracelet
Sterling Silver Filigree Cuff Bracelet

Filigree Bangles:

Filigree bangle bracelets offer intricate metalwork and ornamentation. Jewelry designers use various special techniques to create one-of-a-kind filigree effects that make each bracelet distinct. Vintage filigree bangles give women a feminine accessory for any work-day wardrobe, while white-gold filigree bracelets exude class and romance to your evening outfit.

Anticlastic Aluminum Cuff with Faceted Blue Quartz Gemstone - Gemstone Bangles
Anticlastic Aluminum Cuff with Faceted Blue Quartz Gemstone by John S. Brana – Handmade Jewelry

Gemstone Bangles:

If you prefer a little sparkle from your jewelry, try a bangle bracelet embellished with gemstones. This type of bangle is mystical and luxurious and is ideal for any formal occasion. Try a bangle with a single large gemstone or a bracelet with multiple smaller stones that add sparkle to your wrist. If the gemstone bangle is large and highly intricate, consider wearing it on its own to become the main focus of your attire.

Bangle Bracelets – Conclusion

If you’re in need of a piece of jewelry that you can wear in combination with a simple pair of jeans or layered with formal clothing for a special date, bangles are the ideal choice. They are simple, seamless, and offer a minimalistic style that leaves plenty of room for versatility. Bangle bracelets are perfect for everyone, no matter your personal tastes or style, as they come in so many styles and can be worn anywhere, with anything.

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Styles of Bangle Bracelets - Trends in Handmade Jewelry, 8.1 out of 10 based on 26 ratings

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