Handmade Eco-Chic Jewelry

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Chased Copper Large Hoop Earrings - Eco-chic Jewelry
Chased Copper Large Hoop Earrings Made From Recycled Copper Wire

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Eco-chic Jewelry

The new growing trend with jewelry and most accessories at the moment is their eco-friendliness. It’s not as important to have the biggest and most expensive diamonds anymore, but rather, the most eco-friendly jewels that reduce your carbon footprint. These kinds of eco-chic jewelry can be found influencing a huge range of collections, from recycled jewelry to collections using more eco-friendly methods to designs that are inspired by nature.

Wearing “green” jewelry isn’t just about taking your Grandmother’s old brooches and re-wearing them, rather than buying new, although bringing new life to elegant vintage pieces is a hot trend as well. Eco-friendly jewelry can also mean recycling the basic materials used to make the jewelry such as melting down glass to form it into different new shapes, reforming metal or reusing other components from old jewelry.

Citrine Bronze Ring - Eco-chic Jewelry
Citrine Bronze Ring - Ring Shank made from Recycled Scrap Copper and Tin

Recycled Metals and Stones in Eco-chic Jewelry

Jewelers and designers that promote eco-chic jewelry actively promote recycling precious metals and stones. In particular, many companies now try to recycle or use recycled gold as a way to reduce the land that gets ruined through the gold mining process. Many places are also using lab created stones instead of risking supporting “blood diamonds.” The lab created stones look like the real thing, but they cost less to make, which means they’ll cost less for you to purchase.

Eco-chic Jewelry Doesn’t Have to Look “Recycled”

Eco-chic jewelry doesn’t have to have a rustic and recycled feel about it. Many designers are trying to make their recycled pieces look good as new, however the craze for eco-chic jewelry has also meant that more organic shapes and flawed stones are appreciated over “perfect” designs. This has opened up a whole new design arena for jewelers, with some exciting and unique results that will appeal to any “green” jewelry lover!

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John S. Brana
Jewelry designers like John S. Brana are bringing a new sheen to the contemporary jewelry market by giving aluminum, copper, and bronze metals a prominent name among high-end jewelry collectors. Brana's jewelry can be found dangling around the necks, wrists and ears of both actors, models, and everyday people, but no two pieces are alike. His handmade jewelry collections are inspired by the charm of San Francisco's most characteristic neighborhoods.