Must-Try Jewelry Trends for Fall

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Top Jewelry Trends for the Fall Season

Fold Formed Anticlastic Copper Drop Earrings - Fall Jewelry Trends
Oblong Fold Formed Anticlastic Copper Drop Earrings are great for Women with Fuller or Rounder Faces

Summer is still upon us, but in order to stay on top of current fashion trends, it’s important to keep track of upcoming trends. There are a host of new jewelry trends that are sure to set you apart from the masses. Fashionistas, bloggers, trend setters, and everyone in between are getting excited about favorable trends like dangling earrings and copper accessories. Recent fashion runway shows have shown floral patterns, vibrant colors, and very feminine jewelry styles for the upcoming fall season. We may also dabble in some sixties and seventies-inspired jewelry, as well as some ultra-modern styles. Review these top jewelry trends for the fall season to see which suits you best.

Dangling Earrings

Bold dangling earrings are the ear accessories to try for the fall season. With such a wide variety of looks, from diamonds to shaped metal, dangling earrings bring instant glamour and femininity to any ensemble you wear. Dangling earrings should take a modern effect, with vibrant, over-sized designs that give us so much more than traditional stud earrings.

When wearing dangling earrings, there are several tips one should adhere to. Women with longer or thinner faces do best with earrings that have a bell-style bottom to add width to the face. Fuller or rounder faces should opt for oblong earrings that thin the face and features. Women with a receding or small chin should go with shorter earrings that give focus to the eyes.

Tribal Prints

Tribal prints have become popular throughout both clothing and accessories. Resin, coral, bone, turquoise, and beaded pieces are must-have features to find in tribal jewelry. Fun tribal prints with pops of color complement the warm colors of fall. This is certainly an ideal trend to mix with the ever-popular color blocking trend or anodized aluminum. More and more designers are jumping on the band wagon to bring this trend full-force.

Corrugated Anticlastic Copper Cuff - Jewelry Trends
Corrugated Anticlastic Copper Cuff

This fall, the typical color palette of muted shades from previous seasons will not be in the spotlight. While subtle shades like flesh tones and dusty rose will still hold their place in the jewelry industry, pops of neon color will take its place at the top of the most popular jewelry trends list. Tribal-inspired necklaces and bracelets, embellished with chunky beads and charms, will certainly be a trend to invest in.

Anything Copper

Copper has become the medium of choice for various jewelry styles, from ethic to classic pieces sure to last the test of time. When new, copper possess a rose-gold appearance and a brilliance shine. As copper jewelry ages, it tends to develop a unique patina that transform its pinkish hue to a warm brown-bronze color. If you don’t like the one-of-a-kind look of a copper patina, it can be easily cleaned back to its original shine.

Necklaces, rings, bracelets, brooches, and especially cuffs, can all be created with copper. Unlike traditional silver or gold, copper has a truly unique luster that will set you apart. Use a textured copper bracelet as your statement-making piece, or perhaps, a pair of copper Lily Pad earrings that pull the floral look into this hot fashion trend. No matter the piece you choose, copper is sure to give your jewelry that extra spice.

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