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18.5 ct Cushion Cut Mystic Quartz Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring

18.5 ct Cushion Cut Mystic Quartz Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring

Stunning Mystic Quartz Silver Statement Ring Feel like you’re living in a fantasy world with this magical gemstone ring.  Looking like it came straight from the pages of your favorite Tolkien novel full of dragons and fairies and majestic castles, this ring will certainly demand attention! This 18.5 carat cushion cut gem has a certain Allure, containing all the colors of the rainbow and providing a different look when viewing it from different angles. It goes well with just about any outfit, …

October’s Birthstone – Opals

… opal is believed to be a gemstone signifying good luck, beauty and Allure. This dates back to ancient times when Cleopatra wore one to attract Mark Antony’s attention. Some say, however, that this unique stone has the ability to project the energy of the wearer back on his or herself. If you believe in the power of gems, then only wear October’s birthstone if you are a person with many positive thoughts and deeds. Whether you are looking for an item of jewelry for its looks or its … Features Copper Jewelry by John S. Brana

February 2010 – Issue #34 – “Copper in the Arts,” on features contemporary copper jewelry designs by jewelry designer John S. Brana.  Contributing writer Rebecca Troutman discusses the Allure of John S. Brana’s copper jewelry designs… “Brana loves to feature nontraditional metals, his most recent collection thrusting copper and aluminum in the spotlight. His designs are flirtatious and intricate, often with elegant geometric textural elements and clean …