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Lepidochrosite Bronze Ring

5 Unique Gemstones You Need to Discover

… shades; however, its pale turquoise blue variety is one of the most popular. Many people believe that wearing apatite can help you feel more motivated, so perhaps wearing our Apatite Wire Wrapped Fine Silver Earrings to the office will help you complete that project by the deadline! Even if not, pieces like our 14k Gold-filled Scroll Wire Wrapped Drop Earrings with Apatite are a wonderful way to add a pop of blue to an outfit. Chrysoprase – A type of chalcedony, Chrysoprase is a …

May Birthstones - Carnelian Vermeil Bracelet by Handmade Jewelry by John S Brana

May Birthstones

May Birthstones – Emerald, Carnelian, and Chrysophrase Birthstone jewelry is a reflection of individuality and can promote a sense of style. The birthstone for the month of May is emerald and this traditional green gem has a rich history. From the Egyptians to the Irish, emeralds have been treasured by many ancient and modern societies. Gold and silver necklaces, pendants, rings, bracelets, and earrings encrusted with a May gemstone are the perfect way to accessorize while wearing a piece …

Chrysoprase – The Stone of Summer

Chrysoprase (also chrysophrase) is a gemstone variety of chalcedony (fibrous form of quartz) that contains small quantities of nickel. Its color is normally apple-green, but varies to deep green. It is cryptocrystalline, which means that it is composed of crystals so fine that they cannot be seen as distinct particles under normal magnification. This sets it apart from rock crystal, amethyst, citrine, and the other varieties of crystalline quartz which are basically transparent and formed from …