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Square Carnelian Beaded Gemstone Necklace

Deciding How to Make a Jewelry Statement

Statement jewelry is ultra popular this season as it has been for the last few. The idea with a statement piece is to make a Focal Point with your accessories while keeping the rest of your jewelry more minimal. The key to getting a great look with a statement piece is knowing whether to accent your ears, neck, wrist or finger. We put together this quick guide to statement jewelry to help you select the ideal Focal Point for any outfit. – When to Choose Statement Necklaces – …

Fluted Copper Cuff

Choosing the Right Bracelet Width

… are between 1 and 1-1/2 inches in width and include looks like our Texturized Copper Bangle Bracelet. At this width, bracelets can make a stunning Focal Point for a layered look with narrower bracelets or be worn on their own as a small statement piece.   Slender Bracelets – Slender bracelets like our Nu Gold Bark Anticlastic Bangle Bracelet are more than 1/2-inch wide but narrower than 1 inch. These bracelets have a lengthening effect on the arm when worn alone. They are a great …

Fold Formed Hammered Nu Gold Cuff

Top 5 Statement-Making Cuffs

Create a Focal Point with Your Jewelry A statement bracelet puts a touch of “wow” on a three-quarter length, short sleeve, tank or strapless top or dress and is the perfect way to create a Focal Point with your jewelry accessories. Because of their shape, cuff bracelets are an ideal choice for statement bracelets, particularly if you choose ones with unique textures. A number of the cuff bracelets in the John S. Brana Handmade Jewelry collection are perfect statement pieces, and here …

Lepidochrosite Bronze Ring

5 Unique Gemstones You Need to Discover

… gemstone that is found in Australia, eastern Europe, Brazil and the western United States. The stone occurs in a range of beautiful green tones, but unlike emeralds, chrysoprase gems have a sleeker surface and less shine. This makes their color the Focal Point of jewelry designs like our Chrysoprase 14K Gold-Filled Tear Drop Earrings and our Hammered Fine Silver Bracelet with Chrysoprase. Lepidocrosite – A very unique gemstone, lepidocrosite was not discovered until the early 19th …

Brushed Aluminum Cuff Bracelet - Aluminum Cuffs

Trend Alert: Captivating Aluminum Cuffs

… look. During the day, an aluminum cuff can become the Focal Point of your outfit of jeans and a basic tee. For an evening look, the luster of an aluminum cuff pairs well with an evening gown or simple cocktail dress, acceptable on bare arms or atop long sleeves. Fabulously trendy cuff bracelets seem to be popping up everywhere this year. While many women may opt for simplistic, smooth designs, other styles are also sought after. Hammered and chased aluminum cuffs offer clean lines, texture, and …