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Geometric Shapes

Anticlastic Linen Copper Bangle

A Guide to Handmade Jewelry Terminology

… technique that can create a wide variety of effects on copper jewelry. When metal is embossed, a hand tool is used to stamp various sections of the metal, creating a relief texture. In the design of our Honeycomb Embossed Copper Earrings, the embossing creates Geometric Shapes that give the earrings the look of a piece of honeycomb, while the Bubble Embossed Copper Disc Earrings are embossed with rounder shapes for a bubbling effect. On the Feather Embossed Copper Earrings, the embossing takes …

Amethyst Rose Quartz Necklace

Fall Jewelry Trends for 2014

… Disco-Inspired Jewelry For the fall season, jewelry inspired by the disco era is highly popular. Think sixties and seventies vintage color palettes and soft polished silvers and gold’s. Look for jewelry that has moveable parts and Geometric Shapes and components. To fully look the part for the disco-inspired jewelry trend, try jewelry with textured stamping, animals skins, and matrixed enamels. Consider a pair of chandelier earrings, collar necklaces, or door knockers. Purple-Palette Jewelry …