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Texturized Nu Gold Anticlastic Bangle Bracelet

Texturized Nu Gold Anticlastic Bangle Bracelet

Stylish Nu Gold Anticlastic Bangle This elegant Texturized Anticlastic Nu Gold Bangle Bracelet flaunts unexpected curves that have art-gallery sophistication. The statement-sized design is bold with a warm and textured Sheen, yet light and comfortable on the wrist, so it’s easy to pull off with all your favorite outfits. Get this bracelet for your collection and you’ll always have a go-to standard befitting any occasion. Have you heard of Nu Gold? You’re in for a treat! Nu Gold is a …

Is Brass the New Gold?

… brass jewelry designs are both beautiful and unique. The Sheen of brass is sure to draw attention to your accessories from those who are fashion conscious; after all, it’s clearly not gold or silver. If you like to turn heads and be on top of the newest and hottest fashion trends, brass is clearly your metal of choice. Brass jewelry offers a unique appeal with a break from the traditional styles we’re used to seeing. If you want to shake things up this season, consider accessorizing …

Fashionable Lightweight Handmade Aluminum Jewelry

Handmade Aluminum Jewelry If you favor the Sheen and polish of sterling silver, but are wary about the rising cost, you’ll love the look of aluminum jewelry. Fashionable and lightweight, aluminum jewelry has increasingly grown in popularity because its wear demonstrates flair and stylishness while being easy on the budget. High style without the high cost; what could be better? Fashionistas often choose aluminum jewelry as an alternative to silver for many reasons: • Larger earrings made … Features Copper Jewelry by John S. Brana

… curves. His new line, named after the South of Market district, “SoMa,” is inspired by the curved angles of the architecture and the “opulent gold rush period” of its heyday. Not many other jewelry designers value the unique abilities of copper the way Brana does. In a contemporary jewelry industry founded on the classic value of semi-precious metals and gemstones, his choice of materials like copper, bronze and aluminum is giving a new Sheen to the high end jewelry industry. “  Read …