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Thin Wire

Texturized Nu Gold Anticlastic Bangle Bracelet

Nu-Gold Jewelry – An Economical Alternative to Karat Gold Jewelry

… every jewelry type, much like traditional gold. Cuff bracelets made of the Nu-gold material have become a popular trend in jewelry design. Wide, lustrous Nu-gold cuffs are statement-making pieces of jewelry that pair well with any casual or formal attire. Earrings and pendants made of Nu-gold have also become favorable choices among jewelry designers. Wire-wrapped jewelry is being showcased on the runways and the streets. Nu-gold can also be found in Thin Wire, which is arranged on metal framed …

Filigree Jewelry in Fashion

Fashionable Filigree Jewelry Filigree is an ornamental metalwork design used in many craft and design areas. In jewelry making its delicate and lacy texture was originally crafted by hammering or rolling gold, silver, copper, or platinum into Thin Wire and then twisting, bending and soldering the wires to form patterns that closely resembled snowflakes or fine lace. In fact, the word filigree comes from the Latin “filum” meaning “thread” or “spinning” and …