Stunning Handmade Aluminum Earrings

by John Brana November 10, 2010

Stunning Handmade Aluminum Earrings

Light Weight Aluminum Earrings

Hammered Aluminum Disc Drop Earrings

Jewelry designers around the world are realizing the potential of aluminum in the creation of stunning earrings and other jewelry pieces. Artisans such as John S. Brana have a range of beautiful aluminum earrings within their catalogs, which are perfect for any woman searching for a piece of jewelry that feels comfortable, is affordable and will protect their bodies. The only difficulty when shopping is choosing which pair of earrings best suits both you and your wardrobe!

An Alternative to Silver - Aluminum Earrings

Find a superior alternative to sterling silver earrings in the range of aluminum jewelry now offered by skilled craftsmen such as John S. Brana. As a metal, aluminum is lighter, less reactive and considerably more affordable than silver, making it a better choice for jewelry lovers all over the globe.

Polished Aluminum Hoop Earrings

The lightness of aluminum earrings means that they can be worn for a longer time without hurting your ears. Choose from a wider range of styles, such as the aluminum lily pad or bubble embossed earrings created by John S. Brana, without worrying about putting your ears under stress. Their lighter weight also ensures that these are low-noise earrings, which are appropriate to be worn on any occasion.

A Less Expensive Choice with Aluminum Earrings

Choosing aluminum earrings also allows you to protect your bank account. They are much cheaper than their sterling silver counterparts, so that you can build up a more diverse jewelry collection within your household. Own a selection of fashionable accessories perfect for use at home, in the office, or out on the town without spending a fortune. Finally, aluminum is both nickel-free and non-reactive. Any woman who is hypersensitive to other metals can safely wear items such as texturized aluminum disc earrings without worrying about receiving any adverse reactions. Look your best with aluminum earrings and take care of your health at the same time by purchasing one of these dazzling accessories.

John Brana
John Brana


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