Fashionable Bronze Rings

by John Brana March 27, 2012

Fashionable Bronze Rings

Bronze is a metal alloy consisting mostly of copper with tin as the primary additive. Depending on the craftsman’s preferences, other metals such as lead can also be added to the mixture to create an alloy with specific material qualities. Bronze has been used over the ages to make a range of items from weapons, such as spears and arrowheads, to jewelry, such as bracelets and pendants. In fact, artifacts like bronze rings have been found that date back over four millennia when the Bronze Age began and the alloy was first coming into use.


ronze Rutilated Quartz Cocktail Ring by San Francisco jewelry designer John S Brana

The History of Bronze

When mankind first started mining tin, it was a big step towards the technological improvement of our species. The first mines are said to have been in Greece, Egypt and China, and were key to the production of jewelry, such as bronze rings, and other artifacts of the time. Bronze was so important that this period was later named the Bronze Age as it marked an important step towards the society that we know of today. This is because any items made with this alloy were strong, with the ability to endure over time. This can be seen in the wide variety of ancient bronze jewelry that is currently displayed in museums all over the world.

The Demand for Bronze

As for why bronze was and is so popular, this comes down to its unique properties. Bronze replaced copper, a soft metal that loses its shine very easily. Bronze, on the other hand, is a tough alloy which retains its luster for many years. In the past, spears and arrowheads were made with bronze, which could pierce the toughest armor. Even mirrors were made from this amazing metal, a luxury that only the very rich could afford. Nowadays, the focus has turned to jewelry, and bronze rings, necklaces and pendants are now being sold in the top stores around the world.

Bronze Tree Branch Ring with Trillion Cut Citrine - Handmade Jewelry by John S Brana


Bronze Ring Designs

Since this is a metal that can be easily forged, expert craftsmen can then mold it into a myriad of forms perfect to be used as designer jewelry. In particular, it is now possible to find bronze rings of all shapes and sizes in stores around the world. From band designs containing simple etchings to more elaborate styles featuring tree-like tendrils and embedded gemstones, there is a wide enough variety out there to suit anyone’s tastes.

Wearing Bronze Jewelry

And of course, these rings are quite versatile and can be worn out and about just about anywhere. Elegant enough for a formal dinner and durable enough for an outdoor barbeque, these rings really are made for all occasions. As well as enhancing your look, bronze rings are also known for their medicinal properties and have been used for centuries in the relief and treatment of joint pain and arthritis. This means that you will not only be wearing something that makes you look stylish and elegant, but bronze will also make your life easier if you do suffer from this common ailment.

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