Top 5 Copper Jewelry Pieces to Wear Year-Round

by John Brana December 28, 2015

Top 5 Copper Jewelry Pieces to Wear Year-Round

When you're building a jewelry collection, having some core pieces that you can wear in every season is a must. When you have a few staple go-to items that can coordinate with many different outfits, you can then slowly add special pieces for more seasonal wear and gradually fill your jewelry box with fine quality pieces. Copper jewelry is truly suited to every season due to its rich color, and John S Brana Handmade Jewelry pieces are handcrafted from the finest metals available to ensure their longevity. Our copper jewelry collection is filled with styles that are lovely choices for any time of year. Here is a look at five stunning pieces that you would make great additions to your jewelry collection:

  1. Anticlastic Bark Copper Bangle Bracelet - The Anticlastic Bark Copper Bangle Bracelet is narrow in width, making it a highly versatile bangle for year-round wear. The piece is embellished with a bark texturing that adds to appeal and makes it a stunning choice for dressy looks like your New Year's Eve ensemble or your outfit for a summer wedding. At the same time, you can easily wear it with a winter sweater or a summer tee and shorts combo.

    Anticlastic Bark Copper Bangle Bracelet
  1. Twisted Cable Oval Copper Hoop Earrings - Hoop earrings truly never go out of style, and the Twisted Cable Oval Copper Hoop Earrings are a unique hoop look that will suit so many occasions. You can wear them to the office any day of the year, and they can become a regular part of your after five rotation. Not just for dressy and professional wear, the earrings can also be added to laid back weekend looks for a touch of chic sophistication.

    Twisted Cable Oval Copper Hoop Earrings
  1. Fluted Copper Cuff - With its fluted texture, 2-inch width and high shine finish, the Fluted Copper Cuff makes a gorgeous statement in any season. Pair it with your red or green dress for the holiday party, and you're sure to turn heads. In the summer, you can also dress it down with a cami and capris. You can even layer it with the Anticlastic Bark Copper Bangle Bracelet for a beautiful Bohemian effect.

    Fluted Copper Cuff
  1. Hammered Copper Link Necklace - Simple yet stylish with its mix of oval and round links, the Hammered Copper Link Necklace goes perfectly with summer and winter necklines. Slip it over a turtleneck for a cold weather day or add it to a strapless sundress when the weather is hot. There's just so many ways to style this piece!

    Hammered and Chased Copper Link Necklace
  1. Bubble Embossed Copper Disc Earrings – For occasions when smaller, post earrings are the right choice for your ensemble, you can't go wrong with the Bubble Embossed Copper Disc Earrings. The 1-1/4-inch wide earrings have a unique texture and will look stylish with winter dresses and tops, spring blouses, t-shirts and everything else in your wardrobe.

    Bubble Embossed Copper Disc Earrings
Be sure to check out all of our copper jewelry pieces for other looks that you can sport season after season.

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