Handmade Copper Jewelry Video - Bloomingdales Trunk Show - Stanford

by John Brana October 15, 2009

Handmade Copper Jewelry Video - Bloomingdales Trunk Show - Stanford

Handmade Copper Jewelry Collection

Karri Ann Frerichs, Altitude Designers, introduces handmade copper jewelry by jewelry designer John S. Brana at Bloomingdale's - Stanford. Selections include handmade corrugated and texturized copper cuffs, corrugated and chased copper earrings, chased and hammered copper necklaces, and bronze rings set with cabochons, beaded gemstones, or faceted large gemstones.

Audio Transcript of handmade Copper Jewelry collection by San Francisco jewelry designer John S. Brana:

Here at Bloomingdale’s Stanford with John S. Brana jewelry trunk show, we have a series of these this holiday 2009 shopping season.  I'm going to talk to you about our copper jewelry collection.  John S. Brana is very well known for his copper collections.  They are gorgeous because they have that beautiful rose color that looks good on all skin tones and it looks really great with monochromatic ensembles and anyone that has blond hair to brunette hair to really dark hair. 

Copper really stands out very well.  John does a lot of structural architectural shaping with his jewelry.  You can see corrugated styles in the leaf shapes, which are all handcrafted.  He also does a lot of fold formed shapes, like the copper earrings in the middle. Then this one I love…very intricate, tiny corrugation that he uses.  Up here, we have chasing in these circles earrings, and finally texturized copper earrings.

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John Brana
John Brana


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