Handmade Copper Jewelry - Muir Woods Collection

by John Brana November 19, 2009

Handmade Copper Jewelry - Muir Woods Collection

Muir Woods Copper Jewelry Collection

Karri Ann Frerichs, Altitude Promotions, interviews jewelry designer John S. Brana about his latest patinated handmade copper jewelry collection Muir Woods. See one-of-a-kind copper earrings in a variety of earth-tone colors, including hand-sculpted bronze tree-branch rings set with semi-precious faceted colored gemstones.

Audio Transcript of the Muir Woods Copper Jewelry collection by San Francisco jewelry designer John S. Brana:
Hi there, this is Karri Ann Frerichs with Altitude Promotions, and I am speaking with John S. Brana of John S. Brana jewelry.  John has a brand new jewelry collection out there that we are very excited about that is nature inspired and it’s called Muir Woods.  John, just tell us a little bit more about this collection.  This new collection is actually inspired by Muir Woods National Park of Northern California.  It’s mainly a patinaed Copper, along with some Aluminum and Sterling Silver elements.  The patination process mainly involves ammonia, salt, and/or vinegar, with a few various other chemicals.  It’s basically a solution of a certain part of ammonia and a certain part of vinegar that is applied to either a textured or a polished surface.  

This produces various colors depending on the concentration of ammonia, vinegar, or salt present in the solution.  And all the jewelry is completely unique and one-of-a-kind depending upon the amount of time the copper is exposed to the chemical.  They come in a variety of colors including red, which is a coated flux (flux is used in the jewelry making process to help solder flow), and this technique is a heated patina, which isn’t produced by a chemical reaction.  Other colors include Green, Turquoise, Maroon, and Sky Blue.  So that’s a really great introduction to the Muir Woods collection.  Its nature inspired.  You can see a variety of leaf, lily pad, and very natural shapes and colors and textures. 

I’ve also created matching rings.  These rings are made of bronze that are set with various gemstones, which resemble sculpted tree branches that clutch onto oversized gemstones.  These rings are made through the lost wax method, so each ring has to be individually hand carved, making them truly one-of-a-kind, and very unique. 

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John Brana
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