The Gemstone of Success - Citrine

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The Gemstone of Success - Citrine

34 CT Cushion Cut Citrine 14K Gold-filled Pendant


Known as the "success stone," pale yellow Citrine, the gemstone for November, suffers from a case of mistaken identity that sometimes keeps gem lovers away from its beauty and benefits.

In nature the color of Citrine, a quartz crystal, ranges from pale yellow to brown. When cut into a gemstone, Citrine is virtually impossible to tell visually from the more valuable Yellow Topaz. This has led unscrupulous dealers to substitute Citrine for Yellow Topaz, much to the chagrin of bilked customers when they discover the truth, usually at resale.

Amber Citrine Crystal Quartz Beaded Gemstone Necklace


Most commercial-grade Citrine is actually amethyst or smoky quartz that has been heated to active the ferric impurities that give its yellow color. Citrines produced in this way tend to have more of a reddish or orange cast than natural Citrines, which are usually pale yellow. Brazil produces most of the world's gem-grade citrine. Citrine is one of three traditional birthstones for the month of November. 

Over the centuries, Citrine acquired a reputation as a "success stone" that promotes prosperity and abundance. It's sometimes nicknamed "merchant's stone" because superstitious merchants of times past put Citrine in their cashboxes to bring in money. However, Citrine supposedly also brings about success in unexpected ways. In addition to manifesting abundance, Citrine also promotes generosity, leading those who benefit from its powers to share their wealth with others.

21.5 ct Checkboard Cut Citrine Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring


Citrine also is thought to enhance mental clarity, confidence and will power. For these reasons, practitioners of New Age healing arts often recommend Citrine crystals for people who suffer from low self-esteem or even depression. Citrine is though to deflect and dissipate all kinds of negative energies, generating stability in thought and emotion. It's also believed to reduce self-doubt and self-destructive tendencies, instead fostering happiness and good cheer in those who wear it.

Healers also prescribe Citrines to benefit the digestive system, the endocrine system and the immune system. It's believed to play a role in eliminating toxins from the body and in overcoming various addictions.

Whether chosen merely for its beauty or for its alleged psychic and physical benefits, sunny Citrine bring a gleam of good cheer to its wearers.

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That citrine bronze ring is lovely. This is a great post, I love to read about the different gemstone. They all gave a great story.

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