18.5 ct Cushion Cut Mystic Quartz Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring

by John Brana November 10, 2013

18.5 ct Cushion Cut Mystic Quartz Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring

18.5 ct Cushion Cut Mystic Quartz Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring - Top View

Stunning Mystic Quartz Silver Statement Ring

Feel like you’re living in a fantasy world with this magical gemstone ring.  Looking like it came straight from the pages of your favorite Tolkien novel full of dragons and fairies and majestic castles, this ring will certainly demand attention! This 18.5 carat cushion cut gem has a certain allure, containing all the colors of the rainbow and providing a different look when viewing it from different angles. It goes well with just about any outfit, from your jeans and ballet flats to a stunning black or red cocktail dress. With such a varied color and style, this ring just might become your favorite pieces for every day or special occasion wear. One thing is for sure, none of your friends will have anything like it! 

What is Mystic Quartz?

Quartz is one of the most abundant gems in the world with the colorless variety being one of the most popular. Available in a wide range of colors and cuts, quartz is diverse and affordable. To create the Mystic Quartz a high-tech enhancement is applied infusing the gem with a rainbow of colors. The result is a mesmerizing effect applied to a timeless classic.

A Memorable Setting:

This Mystic Cut Quartz Ring comes in our signature tree branch setting of sterling silver. The gnarled and twisting tree branch adds the perfect touch of mystery and wonder to an already gorgeous gem. You’ll find that our tree branch setting is a customer favorite.

One Of A Kind Jewelry

Our jewelry is hand crafted and unique. Making a stunning gift for any occasion, these one of a kind pieces are enchanting and original. From the fantasy and nature inspired design to the quality craftsmanship, there is nothing in the world like it.

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