First Impressions - What Does Your Jewelry Tell Others?

by John Brana October 08, 2009 1 Comment

First Impressions - What Does Your Jewelry Tell Others?

Whether you care or not, you make an impression every time you bump into someone different or see an old acquaintance. Research shows that in the first 30 seconds, an attitude is formed based upon your appearance. Your jewelry and what it brings to light about your character is part of that consciousness. If you want to project a certain vision, either individually or professionally, using your jewelry is a very useful way to do it. Here are some helpful pointers to get you started:

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Stand Out from the Crowd Treat yourself to a truely amazing one-of-a-kind piece of custom made jewelry. For instance, a custom piece of hand made jewelry designed by an artiste will really make you stand out. With a unique piece of art jewelry, you will be astonished at how often you get compliments and stand out from the rest of the crowd. Select the right design to reflect your personality. Different designs enhance certain personalities. Dazzlingly colored designs usually evoke a enjoyable, overenthusiastic, warm personality; Modern designed jewelry usually evokes an artsy personality; Ethnic jewelry usually evokes a bohemian or free spirit personality.

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Pull Together Colors  The easiest way to be sure to color synchronize your outfits is to buy matching jewelry sets whenever possible or financially feasible. This ensures you will always have something to match your outfit. A synchronized outfit communicates a well prepared, meticulous, and professional person with great taste and a flair for fashion. Having a blend of nicely harmonized colors does not mean that your jewelry has to be the same color as your outfit, but it does have to be part of a harmonized set of colors that blend nicely together.

Never thought jewelry was that essential? Statement jewelry is a part of you that guides your hidden style, your beliefs, actions, yearnings, place in life, line of work and status. It makes you feel good about yourself when you marvel at it in the mirror. Whenever you look at your one-of-a-kind jewelry, it gives you warmth inside when you recall where you acquired it or why you have it. Handcrafted designer jewelry makes a affirmative statement about you every time you wear it, and whenever you recieve or buy something new, it is a remembrance of that event in your life.

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Stuart Cross
Stuart Cross

February 12, 2016

everything you wear informs others about you

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