Current Trends in Statement Jewelry

by John Brana October 12, 2011

Current Trends in Statement Jewelry

It's Time to Jump on Board with Statement Jewelry

Big, bold and attention grabbing, it is obvious that with statement jewelry, more really is better. This season, put away those simpler accessories and be ready to complement your outfit with some of the latest trends. With today’s fashion designers incorporating statement earrings and bracelets into their latest outfits, it is time to jump on board and go out and purchase some of these fabulous items for yourself. This fall and winter, choose bigger, choose louder, and build up a stunning collection of statement jewelry perfect for any occasion. The sheer variety is enough to please any fashion enthusiast.

Yellow Jade Wire Wrapped 14K Gold-filled Earrings


Statement earrings are making a big comeback this season. This means that you can now wear those stunning copper disc earrings or shimmering silver chandelier earrings to the office, nightclub or restaurant and remain completely in trend with the latest fashion. Of course, there is more variety than this, and it is not hard to find statement earrings to suit all kinds of tastes and outfits. From simple aluminum designs to golden accessories encrusted with jewels, finding a pair of earrings that looks great and instantly grabs people’s attention is all too easy.

Bracelets and Cuffs are Hot Items in Statement Jewelry This Fall and Winter

If earrings are not to your liking, statement bracelets are also a hot item this fall and winter. Huge cuff designs, perfect for being flaunted anywhere from the conference room to the bar, have been seen all over the catwalk recently. For something more elegant, but equally as bold, bangle bracelets have also been spotted on several occasions on some of today’s top models. There is enough diversity here to suit anyone. Whether you prefer to wear a large number of stylish aluminum bracelets, or a diamond-covered cuff bracelet is totally up to you. Whatever you choose, you will still be very much in fashion!

Regardless of which type of statement jewelry that you choose, there is now only one rule: wear a single piece that will complement and not draw attention away from your outfit. The trend at this time is that current outfits are seen with only a one item of fashion jewelry, rather than being covered in it. Whether this is from the more modest lifestyles that we are experiencing now due to the financial crisis is anyone’s guess, but what we are seeing on the catwalks is fairly concrete.

 Prehnite Amethyst Carnelian Necklace

Choose carefully when dressing and pick one accessory that will make a statement in a subtle, yet bold way. Just remember to be smart with your fashion accessories, and wear the right pieces for the situation. For example, sporting a set of loud copper bangle bracelets is not recommended for the office environment. Similarly, a pair of jeweled statement earrings will not suit a barbeque or any other outdoor event. Remember that the trend is to wear one piece with your outfit, so choose well. The right decision will create a look that demands attention without being too overpowering. This just shows that it is possible to be both modest and fashionable at the same time with statement jewelry!

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