Monetizing Your Jewelry Blog

by John Brana February 29, 2012

Monetizing Your Jewelry Blog

Quality Content is Key for Your Jewelry Blog

So, you’ve set up a jewelry blog and are looking forward to writing about the wonderful world of handmade necklaces, bracelets and earrings. While creating informative, useful content on these stunning accessories can be fun, it will help if you can get some additional cash in the process. Here, we will go over some useful tips about how to monetize your jewelry blog so that you can get paid for providing quality content about some of the fashion world’s most beautiful products. Earning money in this way is not too difficult by simply following these basic blogging techniques.

Jewelry Blog Traffic

The first step in creating a successful jewelry blog is to build up the traffic to your site. This is a twofold process which involves writing for both your readers and for the search engines. By creating useful, unique content about these attractive accessories, you will encourage people to check back on your site on a regular basis. You will also need to include a number of popular words and phrases that people enter in when searching over the net, so that they can find your jewelry blog through any sort of search engine. In this way, you will gain the maximum amount of exposure and build up your reader base with ease.


Jewelry Affiliate Programs - A Great Way to Monetize Your Jewelry Blog

Handmade Jewelry Blog by San Francisco Jewelry Designer John S BranaAfter you have a significant amount of traffic, you should then look into ways to make some cash. Jewelry affiliate programs are a great way to generate some money through your blog as they can be placed discreetly within your webpage. Basically, they direct your readers to a retailer of fine fashionable accessories and will reward you if anyone makes a purchase. This means that you should choose an affiliate scheme which is connected to a quality jeweler who can create a wide range of stunning items.

Maximize your income opportunities by opting for the best in the business. You can also place paid content on your site. If it is popular enough, some readers may be willing to hand over some cash in exchange for some useful piece of information or advice on the latest developments in the jewelry scene. For example, you could include regular podcasts on what the most recent trends are in the fashion world and how this will affect which pieces of jewelry will be popular this season. You could also post videos of some of the most beautiful items within your website, giving people the chance to see true style and elegance for a small fee.

Running Ads on Your Jewelry Blog

Finally, ads are one of the simplest ways to make money on your jewelry blog. They are also one of the most likely to irritate your readers though, so you should be smart and think before you include any. Large graphics are one of the most likely to offend, so you should make sure to only place small text ads instead. Also ensure that these ads are relevant to what your jewelry blog is about so that there is a higher chance that your readers will find them useful instead of annoying.

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