Ways to Earn Money with a Jewelry Blog

by John Brana March 05, 2012

Ways to Earn Money with a Jewelry Blog


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Monetizing Your Jewelry Blog

With the amount of blogs now found online, you may be interested in starting your own. The jewelry industry is one highly interesting topic that draws a lot of attention and creating a blog on the subject can be a great way to attract a lot of readers. After you have built up a following though, you should then think about how to make some money from your blog. Fortunately, there are a wide number of ways in which you can write about something you love while still gaining some sort of income from it in the process.

Jewelry Affiliate Programs - A Great Way to Monetize Your Jewelry Blog

One of the best ways to earn money via your blog is by joining up with a jewelry affiliate program or two. These networks will link your website to a reputable online store selling necklaces, bracelets and other fashionable items. You will then have to wait for one of your readers to click the link and make a purchase so that you can gain a percentage of that sale. If the topic of your blog is relevant to the products being sold, you will have a higher chance of attracting those interested in making a purchase, thus improving the odds of earning some extra income.

Sponsors - Ask Your Jewelry Blog Readers for Support

You can also ask for donations through your website. If your jewelry blog has a loyal following who actually find the fashion information that you post useful, they may be willing to offer you a small payment in return. These transactions can be done through sites such as PayPal and Amazon or through more traditional methods such as checks and bank transfers. This one of the friendliest ways of earning some money as it is unobtrusive. It completely relies on the kindness of your readers though, so you should not expect large returns unless you have a very loyal fan base.

Run Test or Image Ads on Your Jewelry Blog

Ads are one of the more obvious ways of earning some income through your blog. They are simple to put up too and can promote everything from diamond earrings to amber jewelry directly through your site. This form of marketing can be one of the most annoying for your readers though and can actually drive people away if it is not done properly. Large graphics or animations can detract from the look of your jewelry blog, and it is smarter to choose smaller text-based ads instead. In this way you can subtly promote the latest fashion accessories without annoying your readers.

Jewelry Blog Sponsored Content

Finally, paid content is another great idea for earning money from your website. If your blog is good enough and has a large fan base, you can charge for extras such as videos, podcasts and e-books which will give people more information about what is currently happening in the world of jewelry. Fashion lovers are always keen on being up-to-date and should be willing to pay some extra money to gain the latest information available. Creating this extra content can take a lot of work though and is only really worth it if your jewelry blog fan base is large enough.

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