All About Pinterest and Its Benefits for Your Jewelry Business

by John Brana July 25, 2012

All About Pinterest and Its Benefits for Your Jewelry Business

How Your Jewelry Business can Benefit from Pinterest

Pinterest is a social networking and social publishing website that is primarily based on photographs. Each user on Pinterest has a theme board where he or she can post things found around the web, which are represented through images. In addition to pictures, users can also pin videos, monetary gifts, and discussion groups. Each item that is pinned to a theme board can be clicked on to open a larger picture, as well as a place for visitor comments.

Pinterest Pinboard of John S Brana - Handmade Designer Jewelry

The immense growth of this site is majorly due to the crisp, eye-catching photos used. It has become the fastest site in history to reach more than ten million views per month. Since Pinterest is still fairly young, more and more features are being brought to life, making it one of the most popular sites at the moment.

There are many benefits to using Pinterest. Some of these include:

Increase in Traffic
Using a Pinterest account for your jewelry business is a great way to boost your traffic. Here is how it works: Create a Pinterest account and link it to your website. Each item that you decide to pin to the theme board will have a link that directs back to your website. When someone sees an image on your theme board and likes it, they can then put it onto their own Pinterest boards and share it with family and friends.

Social Networking
Pinterest is one of the easiest social networking sites to use. It doesn’t take long at all to create an account and to start sharing pins. Many jewelry businesses use an image to represent each item they are selling on their ecommerce stores. When people like the product, they can share the picture with others, thus boosting traffic and sales. Just pin your items to your theme board, it’s that easy.

It’s Cost-Effective
Pinterest is highly cost-effective for personal use and and for businesses, as it’s absolutely free to use. This form of social networking is similar to the old ‘word of mouth’ way of advertising, but has the benefit of having gone viral. If you’re looking for a totally free way to share with people from around the world, Pinterest is certainly the way to do it.

Example of a themed Pinterest Pinboard 7th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Easy to Get Started
To use Pinterest, there is no special equipment or software to buy. All you need to use this social networking platform is a computer and a connection to the Internet. As one of the fastest growing media sites today with a large following, it’s never been easier to get extra traffic to your site to sell your products. This makes it a must-have platform to use as it can bring about a great revenue stream.

Prompts Targeted Traffic
Not only does Pinterest provide traffic to your jewelry website, but that traffic will also be targeted. Most people will pin items on their boards that they like or would like to have someday. This could include your handmade jewelry designs. Since each of your images is linked directly to your jewelry website, visitors can make their way from your photographs on Pinterest to your website with just a click of the mouse.

With more than 2.2 million users a day on Pinterest, it is easily one of the best media sites on the web to use. If you don’t have a Pinterest account, you are certainly missing out. There are many benefits to using this platform, from targeted traffic to its cost-effective strategy. Anyone can use Pinterest too – from photographers to artsy moms.

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