Contemporary Handmade Engagement Rings

by John Brana June 01, 2014

Contemporary Handmade Engagement Rings

History of Engagement Rings

4mm Texturized Copper Band Ring

Engagement rings are often used in Western cultures to symbolize an upcoming marriage between two people. Various styles of jewelry can be exchanged between couples. Contemporary handmade engagement rings are often worn until the marriage ceremony when it will be paired with a wedding band. Traditionally, engagement rings were only worn by women. Today, many engagement rings are unisex, being worn by both men and women as a symbol for their love and commitment. Many variations of metals and styles can be seen in contemporary engagement ring collections, from copper and stainless steel to 14K gold and sterling silver. Contemporary engagement rings are often considered the best gift to your beloved, as they can be the epitome of romance and love between two people who plan to marry.

Styles of Engagement Rings

Traditional women’s engagement rings are available in just a few select styles, but contemporary engagement bands are much more artistic. The contemporary bride is often excited to find a host of fashionable engagement rings that truly reflect her individual taste for jewelry and her modern-day stance as a woman. For a contemporary feel, many couples want something different, such as a copper bark ring that features a rich rose-gold color and hand-engraved bark texture. Many men enjoy the simple, yet sophisticated look of a stainless steel, polish hammered ring that can be worn as an everyday ring, as well as a wedding band.

Engagement Ring Metals

3mm Chased 14K Gold Band Ring

Yellow gold has been used for years as a standard for engagement rings and wedding bands for both men and women. Modern metals have more of a contemporary feel, allowing newly committed couples to exude their own sense of style within their jewelry. 14K gold is a great option as it offers value and a favorite neutral hue. Industrial metals have become a popular medium for contemporary engagement rings, due to their versatility, and the wide assortment of sleek and durable metals suitable for both men and women. Stainless steel engagement bands are both durable and affordable. Copper engagement rings provide a unique luster that only copper can give.


Contemporary engagement rings incorporate the trendiest designs of modern day. Many people have the misconception that any newly manufactured ring can be labeled as “contemporary”, but this is not always accurate. Popular contemporary designs apply the use of modern technology, new metal alloys, and intricate details to create engagement rings that may have been nearly impossible to fabricate in earlier years.

5mm Hammered Domed Stainless Steel Men's Ring

Modern couples prefer to use a variety of different metals, stones, and styles to reflect their selves within their jewelry. Whether you prefer a simple band or an engagement ring encrusted with precious stones, the ultimate goal is to select rings that speak to you. White diamonds remain the most popular stone among all contemporary pieces. Cubic zirconia and moissanite are also popular due to their high quality and affordability. The number of gemstones used in contemporary engagement rings also depends on the style you prefer. Traditional rings often present with a single, large stone. These rings may also be accented with several smaller gemstones on the band. In recent years, rings with three larger stones have been brought into the mainstream. Furthermore, bands engraved or delicately styled with stones are becoming favorable among designers.

Jewelry designers are continually creating new ring settings that are more elegant and distinctive as ever before. The modern settings found in contemporary engagement rings are popular, as they cannot be found in older, vintage pieces of jewelry. Delicate metalwork is also a well-sought out feature in contemporary pieces. Scrollwork includes words or artistic designs that can be integrated into the arch of the band itself, adding texture without sacrificing the durability or beauty of the ring.

Modern jewelers offer contemporary engagement rings in a wide range of styles for every budget and personal taste. The style of engagement ring will often depend on the sensibility of the person wearing it. Contemporary engagements rings aim to not only act as a symbol of commitment and love between two people, but to also make your partner feel beautiful and build trust through a simple piece of art that sits on the finger.

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