How to Choose Jewelry for a Portrait Session

by John Brana November 20, 2015

How to Choose Jewelry for a Portrait Session

Whether you're preparing for an engagement portrait session, professional portraits or family photographs, you want to look your best when you arrive at the photographer's studio for your session. Wearing jewelry can add interest to your photographs and make for lovely compositions, but you need to be choosy about the pieces that you choose to show off for your photo opportunity. Here is a quick guide on how to select jewelry to wear for photos.

- Necklaces - The right necklace can complete the neckline of your outfit in a photo, but the wrong one can distract from your face. Photoshoots aren't the time for wearing your favorite statement necklace. Instead, stick to a simple chain with a pendant that has a unique shape and a colorful gemstone. Our Smoky Quartz 14K Gold-filled Pendant or our Checkerboard Cut Amethyst 14K Gold-filled Pendant are lovely choices with their scroll-work settings and sparkling stones.

Checkerboard Cut Amethyst 14K Gold-filled Pendant

- Earrings - The earrings that you choose for your photographs should complement your facial shape. The goal should always be to create the illusion of a more oval-shaped face, so choose narrower earrings for a wider face and broader ones for a narrower face. Putting more weight at the bottom of the earrings can balance a narrow chin, while the opposite is true for a narrow forehead. Experts also recommend choosing colored earrings that complement the temperature of your skin's undertones. For example, a warm colored gemstone like the pale green of our Prehnite Hammered Copper Chandelier Earrings would be perfect for a woman with warm golden or peach undertones. 

Prehnite Hammered Copper Chandelier Earring

- Rings - If you're going for an engagement portrait, your engagement ring is sure to be featured in your photographs, but for all other types of portraits, your hands may or may not end up in the shot. Wearing a beautiful cocktail ring with an attractive, colorful gemstone will ensure that your hands look lovely if they are captured in the shot. Pick a ring with a very large gem, such as our 11 ct Pear Cut Amethyst Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring (pictured below) or our 18.5-carat Cushion Cut Mystic Quartz Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring.

11 ct Pear Cut Amethyst Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring

- Bracelets - If you're posing for group pictures, there is a good chance that your wrist will be visible as you put your arm around your spouse or your child. Wearing a simple precious metal cuff or bangle bracelet that is wide and textured will perfectly complete the photo. Looks to try include our Texturized Nu Gold Anticlastic Bangle Bracelet for a yellow gold look, our Linen Texturized Aluminum Cuff for a silver look or our Fluted Copper Cuff for the look of rose gold.

Texturized Nu Gold Anticlastic Bangle Bracelet

In the John S. Brana Handmade Jewelry collection, you'll find an array of beautiful pieces that will have you dressed to impress in your portraits. You may even want to bring along different necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings to change your look for various shots.

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