Are you approaching your 11th wedding anniversary date? If so, you'll need to find the traditional stainless steel gift --- a task that's much easier said than done, since very few fine jewelry items come in stainless steel! (In fact it's hard to find any jewelry items in stainless steel, aside from piercing jewelry!)

Whatever her style, you're sure to love John S. Brana Handmade Jewelry's selection of stainless steel anniversary gifts, including his chased steel rings collection. In addition to metal chasing, John also utilizes a range of other metalworking methods to create his unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry items! Other metalworking techniques that he uses include fold forming, hammering, texturizing, anticlastic forming and beyond.

As the traditional 11th year anniversary gift, stainless steel is favored for its color and its ability to resist tarnishing and corrosion, which impacts many other metals. It's also an extremely well-tolerated metal among those who have metal and jewelry sensitivities.  And stainless steel jewelry is definitely a better choice than stainless steel flatware or a stainless steel watch,

When you're finished browsing  John S. Brana Handmade Jewelry's stainless steel jewelry collection, be sure to browse the range of other creations in copper, aluminum, silver, gold and beyond!  Click here to check out our 11th anniversary gift ideas !