14K Gold-filled Pendants Collection

Welcome to an exclusive collection where elegance meets individuality—John S. Brana's 14K Gold-Filled Faceted Gemstone Pendant Collection. Although pendants may seem like a smaller addition to your jewelry box, they stand out as one of the most impactful accessories you can adorn yourself with. Perfect for those who cherish personal expression and unique style, each pendant in this meticulously curated collection serves as a testament to the wearer's distinct tastes.

Crafted with precision in San Francisco, these pendants are not just jewelry; they're a statement.  Adding a 14K gold-filled pendant to your jewelry collection is a great way to express your individuality and personal tastes.

Pendants are perfect for personalization because they can be found in a number of colors, gemstones, and materials. Our 14K gold-filled pendants are carefully designed using gold wiring and beautiful gemstones. With gemstones such as Smoky Quartz, West Texas Agate, Citrine, and Amethyst, each 14k gold-filled pendant encases a vibrant focal point.