50th Wedding Anniversary Jewelry Gift Ideas

Are you marking the incredible milestone of 50 years together with your spouse? If so, you'll need the perfect traditionally gold 50th wedding anniversary gift!

Tradition holds that there's a specific metal or other material for each wedding anniversary. Therefore, the classic fiftieth wedding anniversary gift is gold. If you're among the privileged couples to make it to the half-century mark, you'll need to find the ideal gold wedding anniversary gifts and you'll find them at John S. Brana Handmade Jewelry!

While there are many different fiftieth anniversary gifts to choose from, gold jewelry makes an excellent choice. Not only is gold a beautiful and timeless metal, but it is also a symbol of strength and durability. Gold is the perfect way to commemorate fifty years of marriage, and it will be a gift that can be enjoyed for many years to come. When choosing gold jewelry for a fiftieth anniversary gift, there are many different styles to choose from. Whether you opt for a classic gold ring or a more modern piece of gold jewelry, the receiver is sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness of this special gift.

An expert metalworker and seasoned artist, John S. Brana uses a range of different metalworking techniques to create his nature-inspired jewelry items, with garnet chain maille earrings that will remind you of berries on the vine, to beautifully-crafted leaf earrings, bark-textured rings and his gorgeous collection of gold pendants, cocktail rings and earrings which will remind you of the ocean with their pastel gems and gentle gold swirls and curves; even the textures are reminiscent of marine rope.

John S. Brana's gold collection features a wide range of gemstones, including topaz, citrine, jade, carnelian, amethyst, garnets and opals. Whatever her style, you're sure to find the perfect traditionally gold 50th anniversary gift ideas for your better half!