Wide Linen Aluminum Bangle Bracelet


A silver statement bangle bracelet can bring a chic, sleek accent to any ensemble, but keeping a silver bangle looking brilliant can be a challenge. The John S. Brana Chic Aluminum Anticlastic Bangle is the perfect alternative to those tarnish-prone silver bracelets and will give you that look you love without any need for polishing and cleaning. Aluminum offers all of the aesthetic appeal of silver but is nonreactive and will never tarnish. Lightweight despite its chunky size, this exquisite bangle is hypoallergenic and ideal for all skin types.

Handcrafted in the USA, the John S. Brana Chic Aluminum Anticlastic Bangle features anticlastic raising, creating edges that accentuate the contours of the wrist. The patterning along its surface brings to mind the woven look of linen. At 8 inches in circumference, the bangle will provide a medium to large wrist with a tighter fit and will be a looser fit for a smaller wrist.

Get the chic look of silver the maintenance-free way! Order the John S. Brana Chic Aluminum Anticlastic Bangle for your jewelry collection or to give as a gift today!

  • Handcrafted bangle bracelet with a texture inspired by natural linen
  • Bears the beautiful look of silver but in a design that is 100 percent tarnish proof
  • Lightweight and completely hypoallergenic due to the natural properties of aluminum
  • Statement sized and available in an 8-inch circumference
  • Sent in a tasteful gift box

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