Fluted Nu Gold Brass Linen Cuff Bracelet


Increase the wow factor of your favorite outfits by 200 percent with the Fluted Nu Gold Brass Linen Cuff Bracelet! With double the texture, this unique cuff bracelet means double the style and is the perfect statement piece to give your outfit a sophisticated finishing touch. The rich yellow gold color of the bracelet will look beautiful with many different colors, and this piece can easily be dressed up or down to suit any occasion.

What truly gives the Fluted Nu Gold Brass Linen Cuff Bracelet so much elegant character is the combination of hand crafting techniques used to create it. The red brass bracelet has been folded to create a fluted edge and eye-catching waves along its surface. It has also been texturized to give it the look of a fabric weave. The precious metal has been given a protective finish to shield it from the air and decrease the chances of tarnishing. Extra wide to make a bold statement, the bracelet is sized for medium to large wrists.


Category: sale

Type: Cuffs

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