Jewelry Gift Ideas for Black Hair

If you're shopping for the perfect piece of jewelry for a recipient with black hair, you're in luck because black hair can work with virtually any style and color of jewelry.

Warm golden metals like copper, gold and bronze tend to complement warm skin tones, whereas silvery metals like aluminum and silver tend to work well with pale, cool skin tones. But really, there's no hard and fast rules when it comes to men and women with black hair, as virtually every metal can be complementary!

When shopping for jewelry, if you plan to purchase more than one piece, remember to purchase something that's in the same style! Avoid blending different styles, such as an organic bark textured cuff bracelet with a filigree pendant. Instead, you might opt for a bark textured cuff bracelet and a cocktail ring, with wood textured prongs in the setting.  You can also mix contrasting metals, like aluminum and copper, as long as you stick with the same style of jewelry. 

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