Moonscape Copper Cuff Bracelet


You could travel to the moon and back and never find a statement bracelet quite like the Moonscape Copper Cuff Modern Handmade Statement Bracelet for Women. Inspired by the rocky terrains of the moon itself, this piece combines the magnificent color of copper with handcrafting techniques for a truly unusual, trendsetting look.

Fashioned by hand out of the finest of copper, the cuff bracelet shows off the traditional repousse technique, where metal is worked from the reverse side to create a raised finish. You can see the results in the shiny, smooth circles that pop up along the bracelet in varying sizes. The remainder of the bracelet is hammered, giving the copper pleasing texture and conjuring images of lunar craters.

Measuring 7-1/2 inches in circumference and 2 inches in width, the Moonscape Copper Cuff Modern Handmade Statement Bracelet for Women is an ideal statement bracelet for women with medium-sized wrists. The bracelet has a 1-inch opening for enough give to make it very easy to slip on with just one hand. To preserve the color and luster of the copper, the bracelet is coated with a clear, tarnish-resistant finish.

A lovely 7th wedding anniversary gift, the cuff bracelet comes gift boxed.

  • American-made statement bracelet with hammered and repoussed texturing to resemble the surface of the moon
  • Handcrafted out of genuine copper precious metal for vibrant, warm color
  • One of a kind.
  • Finished with an anti-tarnishing clear coating to ensure durability
  • Measures 7-1/2 inches in circumference with a 1-inch opening and a 2-inch width
  • Sold with a gift box for stylish gift giving





Type: Cuffs

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