Earrings do more than just put the perfect finishing touch on an outfit.

The right pair of earrings can also help to balance your face shape to enhance your appearance. To help you find the perfect pair of earrings for your face shape, we put together this handy guide:

 - If your face is oblong or narrow, meaning it is much longer than it is wide, choose shorter earrings in any shape. For example, ourSterling Silver Fleur-de-lis Earrings with Citrine would be a good option, as they are just 1-3/4 inches long.

 - If your face is oval, meaning it is slightly longer than wide with a round forehead and jawline, you can wear earrings of any length, but be careful with earrings that are completely round or square. Our Sterling Silver Filigree Open Scroll Earrings would be a great option.

 - If your face is round, very long earrings that are narrow and not round will help to lengthen and slenderize your face. Our Hammered Aluminum Stiletto Earrings are a stylish choice, as they are just 5/16 inch wide and 4-1/4 inches long.

 - If your face is rectangular, look for short to mid-length earrings that are rounder in shape. A pair of disc-shaped earrings like our Nu Gold Sand Dollar Earrings will soften your jawline and give your outfit a polished finishing touch.

 - If your face is square, longer earrings that are triangular or round will help to balance your features. The Hammered Copper Dangle Earrings are a great choice because they are not only long and round, but they are also wider on the bottom to complement your silhouette to perfection.

 - If your face is triangular, meaning your forehead is narrower than your jawline, sticking to studs or very long, slender earrings is the perfect choice. For a whimsical look that will flatter your face, our Amethyst Starfish Earrings are a great option.

 - If your face is an inverted triangle with a wide forehead and a narrow chin, you can wear almost any earring style except for very long looks or triangular earrings. For a flattering twist on a classic look, try our Chased Aluminum Bark Hoop Earrings.

 - If your face is diamond shaped, meaning you have a narrow forehead and a narrow chin with markedly wider cheeks, your needs are similar to those of the inverted triangle. To add some color to your ensemble while flattering your face shape, try our Apatite Wire Wrapped Sterling Silver Earrings.

 - If your face is heart shaped, meaning you have a narrow chin and a wide forehead with a widow's peak, you'll look best in shorter earrings in any shape but a triangle. Our Medium Lime Aluminum Lily Pad Earrings will suit your face shape in any color.

 We have many different earring options for every face shape in the earrings collection here at John S. Brana Handmade Jewelry. Shop our collection to find other flattering looks to beautifully complement your features.