Copper Carnelian Dogwood Ring

MWR6-14-Rings - Size 6

In the springtime, the sight of the dogwood trees beginning to blossom means spring has arrived, so it's no wonder that throughout many ancient cultures, the dogwood blossom was considered a symbol of new beginnings and rebirth. The design of the Copper Carnelian Dogwood Ring captures all of the beauty of the natural dogwood blossom and will bring a touch of spring to any ensemble, even your thick woolen sweater and coat.

The Copper Carnelian Dogwood Ring features a genuine carnelian precious gem that has been shaped into the four petals of a dogwood blossom. The stone has a natural rose color with variations of gold, orange and white along its surface. No two of the blossoms will ever look the same, meaning yours will truly be a one-of-a-kind handmade piece. The stone is held by four bark textured copper prongs, and the band has the same bark texturing. A patina is used to increase the naturalism of the bark. Its use means that this ring is unfinished, so the patina might increase with age.

Type: Rings