Handmade Silver Pendants

A pendant necklace puts a touch of elegance on an outfit and can add color and interest to a neckline.

Purchasing a pendant on its own can give you the freedom to mix and match various chains to your new piece, so that you can have the perfect necklace to complement whatever you're wearing. The John S. Brana Handmade Silver Pendant Collection has a selection of beautiful handmade sterling silver pendants that are perfect for bringing the versatility of a solo pendant to your jewelry box.

Pendants suspend beautifully from a chain or cord, making them highly versatile. Silver pendants can be found in many different colors and styles. When threaded onto a chain, a silver pendant makes for a bold look. Pendants look incredible whether they are paired with jeans or a dress. They are also appropriate for both daytime looks and evening looks. Each of our handcrafted silver pendants are carefully designed with style and sophistication in mind. Many of our pieces encase a stunning gemstone for a pop of color.