Celebrate Your 22nd Anniversary in Style with Copper Jewelry Gifts

You've made it to the 22nd anniversary - congratulations! The traditional gift for a 22nd wedding anniversary is copper, making jewelry an ideal gift choice. Our collection features stunning copper necklaces, bracelets, earrings and cuffs that your spouse will cherish.

Copper Jewelry for Her

Our copper jewelry collection includes gorgeous necklaces, cuffs and earrings that will delight your wife or girlfriend on your 22nd anniversary.

Copper Necklaces - Choose from delicate chain necklaces, to bold and chunky in glowing copper. These necklaces make perfect layering pieces and add a touch of shine to any outfit.

Copper Bracelets & Cuffs - Our bark, hammered or matte brushed finish copper cuffs and bangles will look beautiful stacked on her wrist. Opt for a classic thin hammered cuff or a trendy anticlastic bangle bracelet.

Copper Earrings - From hoops to drops to chandeliers, we have stunning copper earrings to match her style. Surprise her with glittering copper statement earrings or delicate flower earrings.

Copper Jewelry for Him

Finding the perfect 22nd anniversary gift for your husband just got easier with our collection of rugged and refined copper cuffs for men.

Copper Cuffs for Men - Choose from substantial hammered copper cuffs, engraved copper bark cuffs or sleek smooth matted finished copper. The ideal accessory for the stylish man, copper cuffs add a touch of sophistication.

Shop our exclusive collection of copper jewelry to find the perfect 22nd anniversary gift! Browse copper earrings, bracelets, cuffs and necklaces today.