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Jewellery World Review - April 2008 - San Francisco-based designer, John S. Brana, introduces the Nob Hill Collection - Pages 49-50

Jewellery World Review - April 2008 Jewellery World Review - April 2008

Introducing The Nob Hill Filigree Jewelry Collection by San Francisco-based designer, John S. Brana

John S. Brana - Distinctive Jewelry has added an eighth collection of one-of-a-kind filigree earrings to his diverse line of San Francisco-inspired wearable art jewelry.  This collection features his most open, airy and delicate wirework designs yet available.  The Nob Hill Collection inspires the re-appreciation for the nostalgic architecture of those Victorian-era neighborhoods built around the turn of twentieth century. 

“That was a time when we didn’t have to remind ourselves to stop and smell the roses,” Brana described in his San Francisco studio located in the West Portal neighborhood overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  “We appreciated craftsmanship and weren’t distracted by technology.” 

With this in mind, Brana sought to capture the elaborate scrolls and turbulent twists of the grill work on entrance gates that dot the neighborly streets of San Francisco’s famous Nob Hill.  After twisting three tiny pure silver or 14 karat gold wires, he sculpts the inner tendrils into a paired perfection.  No two sets are exactly the same.  Each design is then encased by a sturdy barrier of flat or half-round sterling silver or 14 karat gold.  Dangling a pair from you ears is a delicate daily reminder that if you can’t stop to smell the roses, you can at least take them with you.

"That demonstrated to me that what makes me happy is to help people celebrate special moments in their life through my wearable art jewelry rather than pursuing a cold corporate agenda like I was doing at Schwab," John said. 

The Nob Hill Collection is the latest addition to Brana’s line of limited-edition jewelry and wearable art collections each as different as their San Francisco neighborhood namesakes.  Just as each city block of this unique American city tells a unique story and every turn tempts a new adventure, Brana’s handcrafted jewelry is also sure to leave a lasting impression. 

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