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Customer Testimonials

Fold Formed Copper Cuff Bracelet

Dear John S. Brana,

Hi my name is Melissa Juarez, and I just want to thank you for your fantastic copper fan cuff. It flows like a wave around my wrist, it is unbelievable! My whole life, I have been total accessory aficionado, especially with cuffs the last few seasons, and I have never had anything that works so well on me from the beach to the night clubs out here in Florida. It goes with everything I wear, so I never have to build an outfit around it, and it even compliments my hard earned tan!

A couple of my closest friends go to school at San Francisco State University. One of them heard about you at a local boutique and bought this beautiful cocktail ring. It’s the amethyst stone with gold wrapped around it. I fell head over heels in love with it and begged to know where she got it. When she told me in San Francisco, at first I was crushed, but then she told me about your website, and I have been your number one fan ever since! Your taste is just amazing. It’s bold but totally stunning and classic. I’ve told all of my friends about your collections and we’ve even looked through your website together. I receive so many compliments on that cuff, from friends and strangers alike, but the only problem is that everyone also wants to borrow it non-stop. I tell them to get their own!

Thanks again for your jewelry, every girl should be as lucky as me to own something of yours! I’m spreading the word for you over here in Fort Meyers, and I can’t wait until my next purchase!


Melissa Juarez
Fort Meyers, Florida


Hammered Copper Neckwire with Brazilian Fire Agate

Dear John S. Brana,

This is Cassie Irving from the event last week at Art People Gallery (the girl who needed that Copper Brazilian Fire Agate necklace right away!) I just wanted to let you know I received it 2 nights ago and am so happy with it. I’ve already worn it out twice: to dinner at Chez Panisse and out for my friend’s 29th birthday. Everyone loves its asymmetry and I get so many compliments on its texture.

I hope your friend who wore it with the red dress from the event is doing well. I feel embarrassed that I tried to buy it off of her, but I also knew I had to have it. I wore it with my favorite Elie Tahari red dress, just like her, and it worked beautifully. A girl has to do what a girl has to do! And thank you again for making one just for me and sending it over so quickly, your customer service is second to none! I also think it’s so amazing that your designs are not only named after places in San Francisco, but being a Bay Area native, they definitely feel like San Francisco too. I’ve already been bragging about you so much to my friends, and I definitely will be back for more!

Until then,

Cassie Irving
Berkeley, California


Tropical Garden Necklace

Dear John S. Brana,

My son James just got married last month in San Francisco, and as the mother of the groom, finding the right ensemble seems to be almost as hard as finding the right wedding dress! I’m from Verona, New Jersey, home to about 13,000, and my son lives in San Francisco, so I had to make sure I was fashionable and sophisticated. It was an outdoor wedding and my new daughter-in-law decided on pastel green and lavender for her colors. It was truly beautiful. Since my husband and I have never been to San Francisco before, I wanted to shop there for my dress, and he wanted to see the Italian culture on the west coast. We decided to spend a couple weeks out there prior to the ceremony, and what a fantastic idea that turned out to be.

I eventually came across the perfect rose colored dress with matching shawl, but finding jewelry to go with it was a terrible challenge. I have a lot of soft and delicate jewelry, but my son was getting married and I was in an exciting city, and set on finding something to compliment the occasion. After countless little boutiques, we found the perfect piece: your rose quartz, peridot, and amethyst Barbary Coast tri-color necklace. It was perfectly bold for my taste, yet not too loud for the wedding, like the bulk of bold jewelry I was seeing.

The wedding was beautiful and your necklace was the talk of the night (especially amongst my new daughter’s mother). Being in a large, east coast Italian family, it’s the goal of every event to stand out, and I certainly did. Your jewelry is like nothing else, and every time I wear it, whether for a night out, or an anniversary dinner, I have the incredible memory of our first trip to San Francisco, and my son’s amazing wedding. Thank you so much!


Lorraine Pinciotti
Verona, New Jersey


Copper Anticlastic Earrings      Hammered Copper Earrings

Dear John Brana,

Good Afternoon, my name is Susan Greer and I’m from Carrolltown, Texas. My husband and I have lived in Texas our whole lives, and we have always wanted to travel to California, preferably, San Francisco. We booked a great historic walking tour of San Francisco, and even a bus tour through Napa. The walking tour was absolutely incredible, even our boys of 14 and 11 didn’t once complain (a true shock to us!).

During the free breaks we had, I made sure to do some shopping, and come back with some great souvenirs. I passed a boutique near the Golden Gate Bridge side of the city that had the most gorgeous jewelry, so I dropped in. Being a woman from Texas, accessories are everything, and you must always be dressed up! The store had some quirky little fun pieces and some amazing ones, but you were the one designer that I was just smitten with. Everything offered by you in the boutique was beautiful, and I spent the whole time deciding what piece I wanted (because I knew I had to have something!). I was stuck between the copper oval earrings and the hammered copper round earrings. I finally decided I had to have both, because you can never have too much of a good thing.

Thank goodness I brought both of them home with me. I would’ve regretted not doing so! Since they’re different shapes, I can wear them all time, and the ladies in my neighborhood just adore them. Whenever I go to a cocktail party, or even to my sons’ Friday night football games, I always get a compliments on them. Not only are they conversation pieces, but they have a great story attached to them as well. Thank you for your talent and taste!

Best wishes,

Susan J. Greer
Carrolltown, Texas