Aluminum Bark Tear Drop Earrings


Of course, a lady wants some variety in her jewelry box, but it's always nice to have a few pieces so versatile that you could wear them with anything. These Aluminum Bark Tear Drop Earrings will effortlessly complement everything from a blazer and a pencil skirt to a leather pants and a silky cami to a semi-formal cocktail dress. Wherever you wear them, you're sure to feel feminine and capture everyone's attention with their incredible shine. That brilliant sheen will never fade or tarnish because of the natural anti-reactive qualities of the aluminum used in their construction.

The Aluminum Bark Tear Drop Earrings are handcrafted and have a naturalistic bark like texture on their drops. Although they are showy at 3 inches by 1-3/8 inches in size, the earrings are still light in weight due to their aluminum materials. Finished with 14-karat gold-filled French earwires, the earrings are naturally hypoallergenic. An ideal aluminum 10th anniversary gift, the earrings come with a gift box.


Type: Earrings

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